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Night Of The Non-Living Dead :: Up Close & Personal Spirit Contact

Night Of The Non-Living Dead :: Up Close & Personal Spirit Contact
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For those who like to get up close & personal with spirits this binding creates an open portal at night where spirits can come through and interact with you on any of the Realms. They can interact with any of your 3 bodies, they can provide you guidance & support, simply share and interact with you, enhance or empower your gifts & traits, help you to be more in tune with your spiritual self, and recognize the spiritual abilities for contact, communication, and power within yourself.

The spirits who respond to this binding are those who will complement your life as they respond to your, unique energy signature. They are matched to you because of who you are. They are not bound, so they can come & go at will, but they will come because they feel a kinship towards you. The binding is neutral which means any White or Dark Arts can respond. It will simply be whoever best matches you. It is a protected portal so nothing Black Arts can come through and only those who truly have your best interest at heart will respond.

It's a great way for you to discover different types of spirits and explore new paths of spiritual understanding & contact.

You do not need to activate this item in order for it to work for you. It is an intuitive binding utilizing CH-developed para-technology that allows the contribution to your life to be dynamic (contributes when needed), and you can also work specifically & directly with the energy of this piece through meditation or quiet time, or keeping it within a foot of your bed during sleep cycle to work with it during your rest. The binding is designed to work for you at all times.

If you opt to have the binding Bridged to you then you will not need to carry the vessel with you. To learn more about the convenience and power of Bridging, please click here. If you opt for Bridging now, it is done for free by us. If you wish to configure Bridging at a later date, you can always buy a Bridging Stone which can be used with all the vessels in your collection, whether they are from CH or not.

For this binding you get to choose the vessel! If you would like to see examples of the vessels we use, please click here.

Neutral Arts means the binding is completely neutral and can be applied through White Arts or Dark Arts, if desired.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.

The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class V, tier 3
- Spirit/Spells/Magic physically and/or spiritually present. Object effects emotions, senses, motor skills, thoughts and mood of not only the owner but those around the object. The object can be used as a portal to inflict or bestow the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away. Can move by itself and can move objects near it. Incredibly powerful and rare, is the most powerful binding achieved and possesses multiple times over the power of a class 5.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

If you would like a spell, but this one isn't the right one for you, you can use this listing, click here, to request a Custom binding. A Custom binding means the spell is designed for what you need.

If you would like a Charging Box for this binding, please see our Charging Box category here
If you would like information on making your own Charging Box, read our Encyclopedia article, here

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