Nepal Spells Bindings

A piece of Nepal magic presented in this section is a combination of isms and practices based on the thousand-year experience of Nepalese magicians.
In Nepal, Gautama Buddha was born - the great Teacher, who gave a new faith to mankind. Everywhere, even in the most remote corners, one can find Buddhist temples. In Nepal, the famous shrine of Hinduism - the temple of Shiva is situated. However, this country is famous not only for this fact, but also for its magic.

The magic of Nepal is mainly aimed at working with consciousness. Nepalese spells allow you to plunge into yourself, to establish a connection between the earthen and astral bodies, to go on a journey through the Universe. With these spells you can gain the power of various creatures, for example, predators, because the distinctive feature of Nepal's magic is not only the connection with consciousness itself, but also with nature. Get closer to the Nepal magic and comprehend its force, power and influence.

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