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New Changes & Upgrades

We are very responsive when it comes to the suggestions and recommendations of our Keepers & Collectors. Based on the feedback of the past few surveys we have implemented these changes:

- New Vessel Selections

We are updating the vessel selections for all bindings. The drop-down features new selections like bracelets, gemstone necklaces, using your own vessel, using Master Vessels, Pandora-style charms/beads, or having a random selection. You will see the new selections appearing in listings gradually over the next month.

Please see this page for all the details and any price requirements.

- Be Inspired & Choose Your Own Binding on Sterling or Gold

Our "Be Inspired" category is back with over 1,850 selections! We post the empty vessel and you choose which binding you would like added to the vessel. You have your selection of Classic Spells, Spirits, or Premium Bindings. Check out the category & see how this new offer works.

- Electronic Paperwork Delivery

We will be fully implementing an option for you to not have any paperwork mailed to you and everything will be delivered via download at the time of purchase. This will be an option you will need to update in your profile so we know not to mail you paperwork.

You can view a video tutorial on how to update your profile here.

- Demand Pricing

We are moving to demand pricing to make sure the bindings that are frequently ordered and are the most popular continue to receive discounts and will move through the channels of work quickly to bring shipping wait times down as much as possible, while the more time-consuming or less popular bindings will be at a set price of the lowest possible cost for you.

- Individually Packaged Bindings

Each item is individually bagged with the vessel and paperwork. This way if your vessel becomes detached during shipment from its paperwork you still know which vessel belongs to which binding.

- Class Changes

Originally the shop offered Class 1-5, tier 3 bindings and we originally discontinued Class 1-3 because of the lack of popularity. Last August we reintroduced the Class 1-3 bindings because we hoped it would be a welcome outlet for those who wanted to try different classes of bindings or didn't feel like they needed a stronger class. However, Class 1-3 continues to be an unpopular choice but it does add time to our schedule of work, even when there are only a handful of binding to do. Time is golden here so we will be phasing Class 1-3 out of the shop again in order to maintain efficiency. The phase-out should be complete some time in April.