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Our world is far from being the only one. There are other worlds that can be similar to our world, and be absolutely different from it. People who are endowed with certain extrasensory abilities, can travel into these worlds. Moreover, the inhabitants of other worlds can sometimes appear in ours.

However, what should do people who do not have special knowledges and skills, but also want to go on a trip around the worlds? The answer is simple. We have prepared this section specifically for those people.

Here you can find various spells that can open and close portals between worlds. All that you need for this kind of travel is only to buy the appropriate product and enjoy the process. In ancient times, people were able to meet with representatives of other worlds - angels, devils, dragons, elves. Such meetings were possible due to the fact that there were no borders between worlds. Later, all these boundaries were restored, and people were left alone. However, if you have our spells, this will not be a problem. With the help of these spells, you will be able to travel not only through parallel worlds, but also in time!

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