Ouija Boards, Spirit Communication Boards

Ouija boards and spirit communication boards made of wood, glass, resin, and cloth.  Ouija boards and spirit communication boards are excellent tools for communicating with spirits within the 3 Realms.

Faery Conjuration Box - Attract Fae Spirits
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You will receive a beautiful Faery box enchanted with a powerful spell which attracts Fae spirits (of all kinds) to your home. We have also included a spell that attracts rarer Fae! The instructions for use are simple and come with the box. You can choose to attract White Arts or Dark Arts Fae. They will not be bound, but they can stay as long as they want or you want.

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Recover Lost Supernatural Abilities & Powers Conjuration Box
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This conjuration box will recover any and all lost powers, abilities and gifts that you have lost in this life or in past incarnations. It can even recover lost abilities and gifts which have gone dormant in your DNA. This can recover any lost supernatural gift that you had in whole or part. You can use this box for yourself and your loved ones, though we recommend only using the box for one person at a time. Once you create the conjuration binding you will need to follow the instructions to work with the binding and recover what has been lost.

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Summon & Binding Of Incredible Astral & Spiritual Powers And Energies
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You can use this amulet on its own to summon spirits, entities, and Immortals of the Astral & Spiritual Realms. You can also use it to Bind any spirits willing to be bound after they have come to you through the Calling!

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