Program Device For Dark Arts Entities

Program Device For Dark Arts Entities
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This listing is for instruction on programming a device of your choice for contact & interaction with a specific race of DA entity. A device would be a pendulum, wand, tarot deck, runes, scrying ball, etc. Any instrument you want to use to contact a specific race of spirit or entity.

You will want to hold the device the entire time you are programming. This is essential because it will program the device specifically to you. You can program a device for multiple entities. I have a few pieces i have programmed for over 200 different DA entities. Programming allows you direct contact with the specific entity's energy & provides you a support for initiating contact & interaction. When you program for multiple entities you will want to set your own code words for each entity & keep a list somewhere of the code words you use. When you are ready to use your tool you will say the code word out loud or through telepathy to activate that specific programming. It is best to think of the code word you want to use prior to reciting the programming invocation because you will need to immediately include that code word at completion of reading. If you are only programming the device for one entity then you don't need to use a code word.

What if you want to use your device for its original purpose and not always with the programming? You will want to set a code word. For example, this way you can use your pendulum as a general pendulum any time you want & only activate the programming for the werewolves when you want it.

You will receive the invocation for Werewolves programming with this instruction. You can download other DA entities in the University category of the Online Store.

You can program a singular device with both White Arts & Dark Arts, for this you will want to make sure you are utilizing the code words for each entity you program.

You will receive the instructions in download delivery via .pdf format.

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