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Pendulums and Divination Accessories

Buy a pendulum for getting answers about your future, asking the spirit world questions, and communicating within the psychic world. We sell quartz, lapis lazuli, agate, jasper, copper, wood, bone, goldstone, fluorite, and other gemstone pendulums. We offer many divination accessories for your path in seeing the past, present, and future.

Pendulum Imbued With Spellcasting Energies
(3 reviews)  

This offering is for a pendulum imbued with powers to enhance & amplify the effects of spells cast when the pendulum is near (within a foot of casting).

Our price: $5.00
Market price: $25.00 save 80%
Spiritual Pendulum - Detect, Bind & Bond
(10 reviews)  
These are spirit pendulums used for detecting, binding and bonding with spirits. These we cast ourselves!

Our price: $9.95
Market price: $45.00 save 78%