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Simple Spell Service :: Bewitched :: The Cloak Of Magick & Mysticism

Simple Spell Service :: Bewitched :: The Cloak Of Magick & Mysticism
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The Simple Spell Service is our new collection of easy-to-use, streamlined spellbindings cast directly on you! These straightforward, single-purpose castings are easily activated for instant access when needed; just the magick and nothing to manage!

The Simple Spell Service offers a variety of customized castings to quickly fulfill many of life's most common desires. You can activate and deactivate these robust spells on-the-go in just seconds with Code Words.

The Bewitched Spell surrounds you in a veil of mystic energy allowing you to feel & interact with the spells and enchantments around you on deeper conscious and subconscious levels. This is an excellent spell to use prior to working with any forms of magick, meditation, or spirits. You will feel yourself enveloped by the magickal energies of the spell as you become acutely aware of the totality of all magick, spells, spirits, and mystical energy around you. While in meditation, the Bewitched Spell exudes a peaceful, ethereal energy permitting further exploration into your meditative range than ever before. Unlocking all of your supernatural senses allows you to fully comprehend the meaning, scope, and intent of all things paranormal. If you desire a deeper, more personal connection with your metaphysical bindings, this is the ideal amplification for your magickal endeavors!

You will receive the date for your personalized, scheduled service in the customer notes area of your invoice

Code Words to activate and deactivate this spell:

Activation Code Word: Hisal (Hee-zahl)

Deactivation Code Word: Wogan (Woh-gawn)

If you're having this cast for someone else, please put their name and date of birth in the Notes box below.

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