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Sacred Day Spells Bindings

Many of us have our own favorite number, and we believe that it will certainly bring us luck. Modern superstitions are echoes of the ancient ideas about the mystical power, which numbers possess. To this day, beliefs about magic numbers remains unchangeable. However, the greatest influence on people's lives have combinations of numbers - dates. Certain dates are endowed with such power that it really influences the course of events planned for this or that day.

This section of the store has collected a large collection of spells and magic items, related specifically to unique dates, which are repeated once in a thousand years. Possessing a special rare energy, these days are ideal for carrying out various kinds of rituals. In order to enhance the effect of the magical actions, we propose to test the products of this section. Each of the spells is directed at something specific, and will show an immediate result after application. Try them and be confident to use such magic properly.

Sacred Day Set - Set Of Stones From 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, 5/5/5, 6/6/6, 7/7/7, 8/8/8, 9/9/9, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, 12/12/12
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What are Sacred Days? They are days that will only occur once every thousand years.

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