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creepy hollows shopping guide

Welcome to the Creepy Hollows Official Online Store! :) We are a New Age store unlike any you've ever seen! We offer a vast range of bindings from spells & enchantments for collectors, Spirits from various realms & cultures for Keepers, and haunted objects with paranormal energy for collectors. We are a full-service paranormal & metaphysical online store catering to all collectors who enjoy the obscure, intriguing, mysterious, and amazing.

We offer the best in Spirit Keeping, Magick, Haunted Artifacts, Witchcraft, Pagan, Wiccan, Supplies, Tools, and more.

Registration for the shop is 100% free and as a registered user you can keep track of your actions on the site including your wish list, order history, order archives, etc.

Our shop offers, regularly, in excess of 8,000 listings. We offer hundreds of spells, hundreds of spirits, and hundreds of special offers and listings. We deal with many one-of-a-kind vintage, antique, and ancient items as well, and encourage anyone interested in these items to act quickly as many of the more rare bindings sell out within hours of them being posted.

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You can utilize the Search box towards the top of the screen on any of the shop's pages to search the titles only of the listings in the store! Or, if you prefer a more detailed search where you can search the content of the descriptions, by SKU, or other more specific critera, click on the "Advanced search" link to the right of the box!

We have many, many categories in the shop because we have tried to organize the listings as efficiently as possible to make finding what you're looking for, easier.

For spells you will see they are separated into detailed categories of their own as pertains to the binding. In some cases you may see bindings of multiple spells or enchantments appear in multiple categories.

We offer for spells & enchantments:
Spell/Enchantment Bindings: a spell or enchantment is bound to a vessel for you
Custom Spell Bindings: you tell us what you need, desire, or want, and we custom cast a spell or spell-blend for you!
Spells: spells you can cast yourself or have cast for you
Spell Kits: kits that include a spell and candle, and sometimes other components

For spirits we offer 3 types of bindings:
Prebound: the spirit was conjured and bound to a vessel prior to being listed on the site
Spirit Stone: the spirit was conjured and bound to a pure gemstone vessel and is selected for each person specifically as the spirit chooses it's Keeper
Custom Conjuration: a technique CH was the first to offer on the internet, and is means we conjure the spirit specifically for you as dictated by your unique energy signature. For a more detailed glimpse into the terms standard in the community and phrases created by CH, like "energy signature", please reference our Dictionary.

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We offer a range of payment options on the site, including layaway.

Payment Types Accepted:

American Express

For Layaway information, please reference our Layaway Program information.

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Once an order is placed work on the order begins 3 days after the order is received. Depending on what is ordered dictates the amount of time the order will take to completely process. We do offer partial shipment as an option, and you can opt in or opt out of this in your store profile. This ensures what can be shipped is done so before what may take longer to complete.

We are primarily a green company, and we value your privacy, so all the information regarding your vessels & bindings can be found in the customer notes area of your order. When you place an order we update the customer notes area of your order to tell you any spirit information, which vessels your spirits or spells are bound to, and we make it very easy for you to understand. For example, if you order a Feather Flame Wealth spell and a Good Luck spell your customer notes will look something like this:

1= Feather Flame Wealth= Aventurine gemstone bracelet
2= Good Luck Spell= Pewter clover pendant

You are always well-informed about your bindings and you will have all the information before your package ships. When your treasures arrive you know just what they are!

When you buy a prebound spirit you receive a download of the spirit's information so you have it before your vessel arrives :) When you buy any spell or ritual with instructions you receive your instructions via download or you can look them up any time in our Knowledgebase. With some special bindings your instructions will be emailed to you, but this is noted in the listing so you know!

If you want paper print-outs with your bindings you can opt for paper in your customer profile.

Our busiest season of the year is from September (our Anniversary month) to January (holiday season spanning Halloween, Christmas, & New Year). During this season it can take the full 30 days for an order to ship. We strive to keep it shorter than that, but we receive literally thousands of orders during this time and to ensure everyone receives the attention they deserve and they are not rushed out of the door we treat each order individually and on its own merit. This is why we have the stellar reputation for our work that we do and why we have & continue to grow leaps and bounds every year.

Typically shipping with Creepy Hollows can be anywhere between 3 days to 30 days. We do our best to process orders as efficiently as possible in 7-10 business day.  However we do take the time to make sure each person is receiving spirits and/or spells that best suit them, doing this gives us the opportunity to make adjustments when necessary. We do not strive to earn our reputation in fast shipping, but quality work. We take the responsibility of the paranormal with the utmost respect at all times!

What constitutes custom work?

-Any Custom Conjurations
-Power orbs
-Triumvirate creations & additions
-Any Tri work
-In Your Blood readings
-Past Lives readings
-Tarot Decks
-Custom Spellwork
and any listings where is states that the offering is customized to each person.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping is charged exactly for the weight of your package. We ship worldwide :)

When do you ship?

7 days a week. Because we receive so many orders a week there are times we may partial ship orders if custom work is present on the other that will take additional time. Typically shipping with Creepy Hollows can be anywhere between 7-10 days. We do our best to process orders as efficiently as possible however we do take the time to make sure each person is receiving spirits and/or spells that best suit them, doing this gives us the opportunity to make adjustments when necessary. We do not strive to earn our reputation in fast shipping, but quality work. We take the responsibility of the paranormal with the utmost respect at all times.

Orders that are SRA only (meaning nothing else is in your order but SRAs) can take up to 6-8 weeks to ship. Because SRAs are surrendered spirits to us from Keepers who are no longer able to care for them, for various reasons, we are meticulous in our placement of them with new Keepers. We will either partial-fill an order or hold an order until suitable spirits are found.

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This is one of the most important steps!

We pay close attention to the information you complete in your profile. This is an especially important area for us to know what kind of vessels you like for spells and spirits. It's also where you can tell us all kinds of important information that will help us create the best bindings for you :)

Under the "Your Account" box on the right-hand side of the screen, click "Modify Profile", this brings you to the screen where you can update your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number (which we must have for international customers for shipping), email address, and custom profile fields we inserted to further assist in completion of our work for you.

Here you can opt in or opt out of receiving partial shipments, let us know what type of vessel you'd prefer if for some reason we need to select a vessel for a binding for you, date of birth if there are spells or rituals which require your DOB, and your preferred ring size for times when the vessel is a ring.

We update this area from time-to-time so you may see additional customized profile fields appear in this section. Always feel free to complete them as they become available as it helps us to customize your bindings above & beyond what we already do.

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Please review our Customer Loyalty page for more information.

You can only belong to one membership at a time.

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Bonus Points How do the Bonus Points work?

It is 1% credit back for every dollar spent in the shop. Every dollar you spend earns you a bonus point. Each bonus point is worth $.01. They are redeemable at any time. Once a year we have a customer appreciation day when the bonus points are worth $.05 each.

Lifetime Vessel Replacement

How does the lifetime vessel replacement work?

We have all had a vessel break or have lost a vessel and been unable to repair or retrieve it. This happens to all collectors whether they are novice or well-seasoned. We offer free transmution of your spirit into a new vessel for all class 4 and class 5 spirits. For class 3, 2 and 1 we do this at an extremely discounted rate. This applies to a vessels you purchase through the Creepy Hollows website, Creepy Hollows store, Creepy Hollows Marketplace site and all listings for Creepy Hollows on eBay. The replacement vessel will be equivalent to the original vessel.