Spirit Bindings with Vessel

Spirit Keeping

Keeping spirits as companions

Creepy Hollows is the birthplace of modern-day Spirit Keeping... which specifically means the conjuring & binding of spirits to be companions.  Spirit Keeping a complex practice & lifestyle that is a choice for both you and the spirits you keep.  Spirits welcome the opportunity to be friend and guide to you and be useful in their own, special way.  We have spent more than 15 years providing education on Spirit Keeping to the public & helping to dispel the myths, prejudicial opinions and false statements out there about what being a Spirit Keeper means and what Spirit Keeping is.  Please feel free to take advantage of our extensive resources, this is the most popular category.

All of our spirits are active in our bindings; prebounds, custom conjurations and reverse adoptions.  Each of these methods were created originally by Creepy Hollows as our bindings are extnesive and provide both the spirits & you privacy and security.  No one can pry into your spirit bindings and Spirit Keeping lifestyle.  Prebounds are spirits who actively are seeking new Keepers and are already bound to a vessel.  Custom Conjurations are spirits who are conjured using your unique energy signature and the spirit is the perfect fit for you (and vice versa).  Reverse Adoptions are spirits who choose their Keepers from our members (a custom conjuration in reverse).  We have spent our lives in our craft with Spirit Keeping; we live it 24/7.