Magic Jewelry

Magic amulets, bejeweled enchantments, spelled jewelry and magic talismans

We offer the largest selection of magical jewelry, magic amulets, magic talismans, spelled jewelry and hand-crafted magic amulets that hold spirits and sells.  Our magic jewelry is cast with spells and enchantments or may feature a binding of a spirit or entity.  We also offer ritually bound amulets with a selection from thousands of spells.  Each of our magic amulets provides you the power and support you need to evolve in your supernatural journey.  All of the handmade magic amulets from Ash are made from copper, brass or sterling silver in his workshop and are infused with spells from their very inception & creation.

Our magick jewelry and magic amulets are hand-selected for their elegance, quality and powerful relationship to the magic they hold within.  If you want a real magic amulet that will give you the power and influence you need in your paranormal journey our magic jewelry is second-to-none.  We offer thousands of spells to choose from for every purpose possible from magic amulets for wealth, good luck, love, sex, protection, banishment, success, victory, revenge, wisdom, psychic power, third eye power and more.

See for yourself why the magic amulets from Creepy Hollows are outstanding beyond any other.

All bindings in this category are not available for additional discount as they are marked at the lowest price possible.