Spirit Rescue Adoptions

Spirits that need to find new homes. These spirits were in previous collections and require an application to adopt. They may be from any practitioner from anywhere around the world.

How SRAs work

They come from various sources, it's a worldwide group & right now we're the only ones online who re-home spirits out of a network of others. So the spirits come from people within the CH community, people who are online but outside of the CH community, and people who aren't online at all & know us through other contacts or through the SRA chain.

For the online people these are the most common reasons we're contacted:

* people who are no longer collecting for personal or other reasons

* people who were zealous about collecting in the beginning, bought without thinking, decide a spirit(s) isn't right for them, and contact us to find good homes for the spirits (this is the most common source & we can receive spirits from multiple sources in a week's time)

* people who change their method of collecting (decide to pick a side of the arts; white or dark) and want to find homes for the spirits they no longer wish to keep

* people who have passed & we're contacted by family members who found our name or contact information on their computer or physical documents

When we get SRAs they usually come with little information, typically the type of spirit & name; sometimes a short description. When they come to us they spend time with us as we are vetting them. They also stay with us until the right person comes; even if it's years. Sometimes spirits are not openly communicative and we give you all the information we have. They may not want to talk to us, they may only want to communicate with their next Keeper.

We used to re-home in the vessels we receive them in, but typically they are well-used vessels and in the beginning of the program we were getting too many complaints about the vessels, so we re-home them in Spirit Stones, which is good because it allows us to add our own protection spells to the vessel before they are moved.

However, in regards to SRA it is also why some people wait weeks or months to get SRA spirits that best fit them. We don't place just any spirit with just anyone. If we can't find a spirit that best fits the person requesting we refund (if on eBay) or we hold until the right spirit comes in, and if it's been awhile we contact the applicant to see if they are still willing.

It's also the reason we've put a limit on SRA adoptions per person. There's times when we may get many in, and times when we only have a handful in.


You must have a registered account with the shop and have placed at least 5 orders with us.  This helps to ensure sellers are not getting the SRAs through the shop for free and then reselling them on their websites or social groups.  It has happened in the past and it's not what the SRA program is intended for.


This helps to ensure those collecting are giving these spirits a good home and not just collecting them because they are free. These are spirits that want to be welcomed into a loving family.

Do NOT place an SRA order on behalf of someone else, it will not be fulfilled. If someone wants to adopt they need to meet the requirements and place an order on their own. These spirits are matched to their new Keeper for a good reason. If you abuse the SRA privileges your orders may be cancelled and you will not be permitted to participate in this program.

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