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Spirit Stones of Nymphos

Spirit stones with the spirit of a Nympho companion.
Bridging Stone© - Creepy Hollows Exclusive!
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Bridging is a new technique that my husband, Ash, and I have developed to allow the spirits and spells we cast to be with both the vessel and the Keeper. It is a technique we have copyrighted. All of our spirits and spells come with this exclusive technique! Read all the details about Bridging, Cross-Bridging and Un-Bridging here.

Our price: $6.25
Code Word :: Your Choice Of A Singular Code Word For A Race Of Spirit
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Purchase individual Code Words for the races of spirits you desire!

Our price: $1.50
Enchanted Spirit Stone Cage :: Amplifies The Power Of The Spirit
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These wonderful cages are about 1 1/4" in diameter meaning they can hold a few small stones, a medium stone or a large stone comfortably and each cage is imbued with an enchantment to protect, keep energized and amplify the powers of the spirit(s) inside!

Our price: $5.25
Nympho Offering For Bonding & Interaction
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You will receive an Offering Kit with their favorite herb & an amulet of their favorite color to be offered to them by you in their Charging Box, in their favorite place in your home, or anywhere you interact with them or you feel is appropriate!

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