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Spirits of Gargoyles

Spirits of Gargoyle bound to a vessel.
Ancient Worlds Collection© - Silla Blend - Magick Manipulation, Problem-Solving, Creative-Thinking & Gargoyle
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This offering is for Silla spells & enchantments in a blend for Magick Manipulation, working with spells in new & evolved ways, Problem-Solving for any venues of life, and Creative-Thinking for working with life situations, magick, spirits, and energy in many intriguing paths! This Gargoyle spirit's name is Breyton, he is 590 years, he has black-stone skin with large bat wings, fangs, and talons.  He is a protective and strong guide for work with magick, spells, and mysticism.  He is courageous, direct, talkative, and he will inspire you to follow your goals and wishes.  He is empowering, strong-willed, creative with protective measures, and he will inspire you to see potential within your journey and focus. 

He is a very creative warrior and guide who will teach you to follow your own path and to be open to following and working with new potential within your journey.  He is a lively and creative companion who will teach you to follow your journey & be open to new potential within your life.  He is quick to surround you with protective measures related to malicious unbounds, magick, spells, and rituals.  He is cunning and clever, and he guides you to take control in your personal wishes and journey forward.

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Bridging Stone© - Creepy Hollows Exclusive!
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Bridging is a new technique that my husband, Ash, and I have developed to allow the spirits and spells we cast to be with both the vessel and the Keeper. It is a technique we have copyrighted. All of our spirits and spells come with this exclusive technique! Read all the details about Bridging, Cross-Bridging and Un-Bridging here.

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Code Word :: Your Choice Of A Singular Code Word For A Race Of Spirit
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Purchase individual Code Words for the races of spirits you desire!

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Connecting Stone© Spell For Spirits - Stronger Bonding, Faster Connection & More
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These gemstones were spellcast specifically for different entities. The energies and spells associated with the Connecting Stone will help you bond and interact with your spirit friend faster and on a higher level.

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Gargoyle Offering For Bonding & Interaction
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You will receive an Offering Kit with their favorite herb & an amulet of their favorite color to be offered to them by you in their Charging Box, in their favorite place in your home, or anywhere you interact with them or you feel is appropriate!

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Tuner :: Full & Complete Control For Interaction With Gargoyles
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An new, exclusive para-technology designed by Creepy Hollows. It is a binding we call our "Tuner" which works with any who wish to connect & interact with spirits. The binding allows you to control the types of connections & interactions you have with your spirit companions, and even unbounds. You will have Code Words which will give you full control to operate this binding to full potential.

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