Spiritual Pendulum - Detect, Bind & Bond

Spiritual Pendulum - Detect, Bind & Bond
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These are spirit pendulums used for detecting, binding and bonding with spirits. These we cast ourselves and come with their chain.

All you have to do to use the pendulum is hold it steady in a room or location where you want to detect a spirit; the pendulum can sway, swirl, vibrate or become hot to the touch.

If you want to use it to bind a spirit to an object or a person's spirit hold it over the object/person you are binding to and the pendulum will become active as you are reciting the invocation to bind the spirit.

If you want to use it to create a bond between you and a spirit hold the vessel or place the pendulum over your chest if the spirit is bound to you. Let the pendulum hang and concentrate on the spirit you are trying to make contact with. Relax your mind and body and sit with it for at least 15 minutes. This boosts the connection between you and your spirit!

You can use this as a normal pendulum, you do not always have to use its enchantments if for the situation it is not necessary. This is a versatile tool!

To use a pendulum hold the top of the chain between your thumb, fore-finger and middle-finger. You need to decide which direction is "Yes". You can do this by asking a definite question such as "is the world round"? The direction it rotates is your "Yes" answer direction. The opposite direction is "No", back & forth means "unsure". Continue to ask questions and get a feel for your pendulum.

All of our pendulums are made of natural, beautiful gemstones. The gemstones are mined or found from all over the world. Each gemstone has a unique distinction that tells its story of geologic changes of our planet over million of years. Gemstones have natural, raw powers of their own which is why we use them.

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