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Terms & Conditions

Everything we sell is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for anything that happens, or does not happen, once the buyer takes ownership of any of our items. You must be at least 18 years old to transact on this site. If you are under 18 years of age your parent must make an account on our website and place the order for you. If we are aware you are underage your order will be canceled. Purchases made of products and/or services is done so at your own risk. We are not responsible for misuse of any of the items from our collection and should not be used in lieu of professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care. We are not responsible how buyers of our products & services choose to implement our bindings. Anyone who purchases here does so of their own, free will and how they utilize our bindings in the practices of their daily life is beyond our control.

Vessel Policy

Because of the rising price of precious metals we no longer offer sterling as an option for bindings less than $15. Any binding less than $15 (after all discounts) will be bound to an alternative metal, gemstone, or artisan glass vessel. Because of the high cost of gold we will not use gold as a vessel for any binding less than $200 (after all discounts), an alternative like sterling silver will be used.We apologize for this inconvenience, however, between the price of metal and the amazing discounts we give during sales we cannot give sterling when it costs more than what was paid for the binding & vessel.

Shipping Charges

Domestic (USA)
Shipping for order is automatically calculated based on the weight of your package. For downloadable items there is no shipping charge. You can select from expedited shipping options if you need your order more quickly! The only exception are heavy objects, and in those cases the shipping fee will be listed directly on the item's page. If the items on your order you wish to be bound to spirit and have nothing physically shipped to you, then you can select the "No Shipping Required" option to avoid shipping costs.

The shipping rates are calculated in real time and we provide a great range of shipping options for you. If the items on your order you wish to be bound to spirit and have nothing physically shipped to you, then you can select the "No Shipping Required" option to avoid shipping costs. Your package may arrive within a week, or it may take more than 60 days to arrive. These conditions are beyond our control. Once the postal system is in possession of your package it is their responsibility to deliver the package to you. Because customs can hold a package for 30 days this can add to the delivery time which can result in up to a 60 day waiting period. Please contact us if your package has past the 60 day window for delivery.

Shipping Policy

Typically shipping with Creepy Hollows can be anywhere between 3 days to 30 days. We do our best to process orders as efficiently as possible however we do take the time to make sure each person is receiving spirits and/or spells that best suit them, doing this gives us the opportunity to make adjustments when necessary. We do not strive to earn our reputation in fast shipping, but quality work. We take the responsibility of the paranormal with the utmost respect at all times!

We do not refund orders that were lost in shipment. We will rebind and reship the work performed but we have absolutely no control over any postal courier once the package leaves our building. If you are worried about receipt of your package (especially for international customers), you should choose a method with tracking like Priority mail or FedEx.

Do you combine multiple orders for shipping?

Not on a regular basis. Because of the volume of orders we receive it becomes very time consuming to combine orders. If you would like combined shipments whenever possible you can update your user profile to say "Yes" to the profile question "Do you want multiple orders combined when possible?"

Free Gifts

Every order placed that is not SRA-only will receive the free gift advertised on the home page and in the Freebies category if the conditions specified in the listing are met. Free gifts are given on the specific criteria given in the listing for each freebie offer. Free gifts are given when an item(s) is purchased and the subtotal is over $10 (after all discounts). Free gifts over $100 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $100. Free gifts over $200 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $200. Free gifts over $500 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $500. Free gifts over $1,000 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $1,000. Please make your selection for your free gift if a drop-down is provided to you, otherwise we will choose an option for you. This ensures orders are processed efficiently.

Freebies are given per order, not based on your cumulative orders. Each order must meet the criteria specified for the free gifts to qualify.

The store software adds the free gifts to the cart when in sub-total mode (cart), this is because it cannot predict the discounts & coupon codes entered during the checkout process. At present the software company has said this is not an issue that can be overcome. Because of this if we have additional over $100 to accommodate the times when the sub-total is not far from the original $100 we will provide the over $100 free gift as available.

Any prizes or other free-item offers do not qualify for free gifts because the item being given free is the freebie.

Can I buy the freebies?

We discourage people from buying the freebies because they are intended to be free, and we don't always have enough to fulfill both the orders they are intended to be free with, and the people who paid for them. If you purchase a freebie and we can't fulfill it, you will receive a refund.

Policy with freebie codes

We routinely give out freebie codes for prizes on our site. When a code is issued the only item the code will apply to is what is advertised as free. If any malfunction of the software awards any item above and beyond what is advertised you will only receive the one binding advertised as free.

Spell Requests

If you request something which is impossible we will custom-design a spell for you which is the closest match to what you requested.

Return Policy

You have a 4-week trial period once you receive all of your items, if something doesn't work for you we will give you a replacement of something else of similar value, or a gift certificate you can use in the shop for anything you want, at any time. Sometimes there are reasons you know or don't know why a spirit or spell doesn't work well with you. From the time they chose to come to you to the time they arrive to you through Bridging or vessel arriving at your home there could be circumstances that have changed. You have 4 weeks to get to know a spirit, or spell, and for the 2 of you to decide if it's a good fit. If for any reason you think the two of you aren't working out you can send the spirit, or spell, back and we will re-match you with a new spirit, or spell. We still maintain that all good things take time for some but in some cases you just know in the first 4 weeks. The bindings must be returned in their original state. If the vessels the bindings are on have any damage you may not receive a full refund. Or if you decide a spirit, or spell, isn't going to work for you we will fit you with the perfectly spirited or spelled piece! Any special offers, Haunted Estates, One of A Kind Jewelry or items, Limited Time Only, Third Party, body products, or custom work that is done specifically for you is non-returnable and non-refundable. You have 3 days from the date the order was placed to cancel for a full refund.  You have 20 days from the placement of your order to return for a full refund, you must notify us within the 20 day period, and everything must be returned in all the original packaging and in the original condition; no damage or worn beyond ability to resale.   You must write to support@creepyhollows.com. This is the ONLY form of communication we will accept for cancellations or returns. Any request for cancellation after 3 days is store credit, no exceptions.

Digital content on this website is not subject to our return policy because once the order is processed, access to the content is provided and cannot be reclaimed.  Therefore all sales are final with digital content.

Any special offers, Third Party offers, or custom work that is done specifically for you is non-returnable and non-refundable. If you cancel the order it will be for store credit only, no exceptions.

Because of the nature of the work involved there is a great deal of personal time that is required for the bindings and work involved for each order.

What happens if I have an order problem?

If you have any issues with an order we will help you immediately. Contact us at support@creepyhollows.com. We will rectify any issue immediately!

If you have any issue with free gifts you need to write in within 30 days of receiving the order (when it's delivered). We love to give out free stuff, but after 30 days if you haven't written to us, the freebie is forfeit. This is only because man hours are precious here as we are a small operation.

Modification of Orders

If you need to modify an order as in taking something off an order or adding notes to an order we can do that for you, contact us at support@creephollows.com. Coupons & other discount offers cannot be applied to orders once they have been placed; this includes Layaway orders.

Lifetime Vessel Replacement

Please refer to this page for full details: Lifetime Vessel Replacement Policy

How does Layaway work?

Please refer to this page: Layaway Program & Payments

I placed an item on layaway, how do I pay you?

We will make you a link for your layaway payments which will be in the layaway order. When the link is made you will receive an email letting you know your link is ready, otherwise you can check your order notes for the link by logging into your account, going to the "My Account" link, clicking on the "Order History" tab and finding the layaway order you placed. At the bottom of the page is your order notes area and your link to pay your layaway will be there.


Vessels pictured are often examples of what you may receive. Customer preference, as noted in their profile, is given precedence in all available opportunities. Customers are encouraged to make 3 selections for the vessel preferences, and whenever possible, we utilize those preferences for vessels for any binding. And, in some cases, vessels may be upgraded to sterling or 10k or 14k gold, when available, if a greater classification or special binding is purchased.

We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel an order at our discretion. Examples would include gross pricing errors, suspicious account activity, etc.

We reserve the right to update or change these terms as needed without notice, so read this page often if you anticipate cancellation or changes made to an order.