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Ultra Complex Bag Of All The Tricks

Ultra Complex Bag Of All The Tricks
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This bag is the ultimate in CH para-technology, and works with regular or extremely complex vessels (like our Power Orbs). It combines the powers of the Transmute Bag, Recapture Bag, Capture Stone, Binding of Any Spirited or Spelled Vessels, Charging of Any Spirited or Spelled Vessels, and Conjuration of Spirits for personal keeping, in ONE bag!

This Ultra Bag provides you all the powers of the normal CH technologies, 10x more powerful with the ability to Transmute, Recapture, Capture, Charge, Binding, or Conjure from scratch or with extremely complex bindings!

This is a long awaited para-technology from CH!





The Capture binding can be used by placing the bag anywhere in your home to capture & trap unbound spirits until you can decide the appropriate way to handle them. By placing the bag anywhere in your home you can choose to have it work automatically or on your command.

To work automatically place the bag in the desired position and say “Malak” (May-lock). Working automatically means it works 24/7 to capture unbound spirits in your home. To start the bag working on command say “Zefu” (Zay-foo) to stop the bag from working say “Colos” (Koh-lows). It works with White & Dark spirits and does not affect the spirits in your collection in any way. To banish the spirits captured you will place your hand on the bag and recite the following out loud or through telepathy: “You are carried through the light to your origin. You are banished from this place and removed to your home. The light carries you in refreshment to return you in good faith.”

If you have captured an unbound spirit that wishes to be a part of your home then you need to have that conversation with them & you can use the Transmute Bag to move them to another vessel or a Binding Bag/Box to bind them, because simply Transmuting them will only leave them attached (and you can leave them attached if you desire, they don’t have to be bound).

If you are someone who has a great deal of unbound spirits in your home or if you are an unbound spirit magnet then you will want to banish the spirits often instead of allowing them to build in the bag because that will cause an energy build-up in your space as well, which you may not want.  Banishing them back to the realm means they are going back to their realm of origin and they are extremely unlikely to return to a place that has this tool in action.



This Binding function on this bag can bind any spirit or spell to any empty, spirited or spelled vessel you desire.

Place vessel(s) inside the bag, and utilize the binding function for spirits by wrapping the vessel with a piece of paper with the spirit’s name on it, and for spells by wrapping the vessel with a piece of paper with the spell(s) name on it.  You can bind more than one vessel at a time.  If you have multiple vessels you wish to bind with the same spell, use a larger piece of paper & enclose the vessels in the paper.  The bag works with a multi-layered efficiency spell that allows the paper to be the decisive measure, and therefore multiple vessels with different intentions can be bound at the same time as per dictation of the paper they are associated with.  The bindings will ONLY work when both the vessel & the paper associated with the vessel are present.  Do not reuse pieces of paper, every instance of binding must utilize a fresh, piece of paper.

2 Hours = Temporary Binding – 30 Days

4 Hours = Temporary Binding – 90 Days

6 Hours = Temporary Binding – 180 Days

12 Hours = Permanent Binding



You can use this only to unbind any spirit or spell you used to bind with this bag.  This will not work for bindings created by other practitioners.  If you need to unbind something from a vessel, place the vessel in the bag and say, “Released upon these words you are no longer held by the binding (say name of spirit or spell), immediately to be fulfilled”.



The Transmute Bag can be used with spirits or spells. You can transmute ALL the spirits or spells between vessels or choose one of multiple spirits or spells into a new vessel. Use the necessary invocations provided below. If you have any previous CH transmution spells they will work with this bag as well including the BOS transmution spells. Place both the empty and spirited/enchanted vessels into the transmution bag before reciting. If the objects are larger than the bag then the bag MUST touch both objects.


Transmute All Spirits

Unlock the binding and stream with care

Those lingering in the bound vessel

That you may be lifted and moved unto a new home

With care and respect chosen for you

All of you be moved without hesitation or stall

Completely bound into your new home


Transmute Singular or Multiple Spirits

from Multi-Bound Vessel

Let but those who I speak the name pass

Others still bound in their original form

Let only (speak name or names to be moved) move

Your entire spirit into this new offering

You are now bound unto your new home always


Transmute All Magic

From this vessel (place both hands on vessel)

Take the enchantments inside

And move them without loss of power

To this new home (place both hands on new vessel)

Forever binding them to their new domain

And no longer an attachment to the old


Transmute Singular or Multiple Spells

from Multi-Enchanted Vessel

Let only the spells given name to be moved

That which I call upon reside in this new offering

Let the spells of (speak names or intent of spells to be moved) move now

Unto your new home unfettered and bound for eternity


Copy Singular or Multiple Spells from Multi-Enchanted Vessel

Do not move the original casting only copy

Let all the properties of (speak names or intents of spells to be copied) mirror now

Take on your proper form within this vessel as a true copy of the original casting

Forever bound to serve your intent unto your master.

If You Need to Return Spirits and/or Magic to Original Vessels

(Place all the transmuted vessels & original vessels

in the bag or on the bag before starting.)

All that was moved return to your original binding vessel

Relinquish all from the transmuted vessel

Returning to your original state.



The single, largest difference between this Recapture & the original Recapture is the ability to utilize the functionality of this bag to Recapture extremely complex, multi-layered, and/or unusually powerful vessels & bindings to a greater level.  This will work with all of CH’s Power Orbs (for example).  The instructions are the same, the capabilities are what differentiates this bag from the original version.

The Recapture vessel is a tool used to unbind & rebind any spirit or spell at a stronger or lesser class rating. This means you will strengthen or lessen the energy behind a spirit or spell.  The instructions are simple but there are many scenarios to consider to make sure you read over what you want to accomplish to make sure you are doing the right thing. You will use these instructions whether the spirit or spell is bound to a vessel or directly to you. If you are unbinding & rebinding a spirit or spell bound directly to you then you will need to place a little piece of yourself (like a single, strand of hair) in the bag or on the tray. You can work with multiple-bound pieces as well if you have a vessel bound with multiple spirits and/or spells or if you have many bound directly to you. If you want to just raise the class rating of one spirit or spell, or two spirits or spells, etc out of a multi-bound piece you will write the name of the spirit or the spell (such as “Love Spell” or if you know the spell’s exact name) on a piece of paper and place it in the bag or on the tray. If you are doing all of them then you don’t need to write anything.

When you are ready to begin you will place the vessel (or piece of you) into the Recapture and follow the instructions below. This will work with any spirit or spell whether it’s from Creepy Hollows or not. If you want to gauge what class rating another practitioner’s binding falls into you can use the stones provided to tell what the different class ratings feel like. It will give you a proximity to choose which class rating you want to move up to or down from.  You can increase the class rating of a spirit or spell or you can decrease the class rating. You can do this as needed and you do not harm the spirit or spell by doing this more than once to any specific spell or spirit. This is a positive process which provides the vessel and spirit with a Cleansing & charging of positive energy along with the elevation or demotion of the class. Once the vessel is in the bag you will use one of these series of invocations to rebind at a higher or lower class rating. You will recite the invocation aloud or through telepathy, whichever works best for you. Once recited you will need to leave the vessel in the Recapture for 1 hour. If you elected to have the choice to bind to a tier 2 or tier 3 you will need to leave the vessel for 4 hours. Reciting the invocation is what activates the chain of events for rebinding.


Class 1 to Class 2:

Ausomyr ontos phera

(Ah-so-mire, on-tos, fee-rah)

Class 1 to Class 3:

Tovoto myre Oti

(Tow-voh-toh, mire, oh-tee)

Class 1 to Class 4:

Ilsar grabu estra

(Ill-sair, grah-boo, ez-trah)

Class 1 to Class 5:

Efetera niol mamyr

(Eh-fey-tir-ah, ni-ol, may-mir)


Class 2 to Class 1:

Desoro unati welyr

(Deh-soh-row, ew-nah-tee, way-lar)

Class 2 to Class 3:

Srada chocon devre

(Shrah-dah, cho-chon, day-vree)

Class 2 to Class 4:

Tibolo usera min

(Ti-boh-loh, you-say-rah, men)

Class 2 to Class 5:

Cavoli lite sun

(Kah-vo-lee, lee-tay, son)

Class 3 to Class 1:

Sotomada era punca

(Sow-too-may-dah, a-ray, pun-cah)

Class 3 to Class 2:

Zesusa dera glen

(Zay-sue-sah, day-rah, glen)

Class 3 to Class 4:

Paymar ulo setra

(Pay-mar, ew-loo, say-tra)

Class 3 to Class 5:

Fayvoli res trillia

(Fay-voh-lee, ris, tril-lee-ah)


Class 4 to Class 1:

Esari rica rens

(Eh-say-rah, ree-kah rinz)

Class 4 to Class 2:

Ubata toral nera

(Ew-bah-tah, toh-ral, nee-rah)

Class 4 to Class 3:

Limara cameb dofi

(ly-mah-rah, kay-meb, doh-fee)

Class 4 to Class 5:

Mina xata rofe

(Me-nah, zah-tah, row-fee)

Class 5 to Class 1:

Playra eos ain

(play-rah, e-oz, an)

Class 5 to Class 2:

Mete rite blura

(met, reet, blo-rah)

Class 5 to Class 3:

Relef poris net

(Ray-lif, pore-is, neat)


Class 5 to Class 4:

Mont lapin thero

(Mon, lah-pen, thay-ro)


Class 5, tier 2 to Class 1:

Nysibo yako nubi

(Ny-see-boh yah-koh noo-bee)

Class 5, tier 2 to Class 2:

Elir hawa quo

(Eh-leer hah-wah kwoh)

Class 5, tier 2 to Class 3:

Jenbi ster uskar

(Gen-bee stur uhz-kar)

Class 5, tier 2 to Class 4:

Luma sheran vo

(Loo-mah sheh-rahn voh)

Class 5, tier 2 to Class 5:

Ego ama luno

(Eh-goh ah-mah loo-noh)


Class 5, tier 3 to Class 1:

Vunul qil vidl

(Voo-nool keel veh-deel)

Class 5, tier 3 to Class 2:

Spiri ano loges

(Speh-ree ah-noh loh-gehz)

Class 5, tier 3 to Class 3:

Chimbi orro mas

(Chem-bee oh-roh mahz)

Class 5, tier 3 to Class 4:

Liden rauzo ombi

(Lee-den rah-zoh ahm-bee)

Class 5, tier 3 to Class 5:

Melion chen reco

(Meh-lee-ohn chen ray-koh)


Any class to Class 5, tier 2:

Travela evom repoh

Mysella ira votos

Evokah stom bew

(Tray-veh-lah, eh-vohm, ray-poe)

(Mi-sell-ah, e-rah, voh-tos)

(E-voh-kah, stom, bue)

Any class to Class 5, tier 3:

Relee jasok mun

Pisa ion strut

Ura cao mex

(Rey-lee, jay-sok, mewn)

(Pe-san, e-on, strut)

(Uh-rah, kay-oh, mex)


You can utilize this bag as a powerful charging utility to any spirited or spelled vessel of any simplicity or complexity of binding.  Simply place the item in the bag and leave for at least 20 minutes to have the item & its binding be charged to the fullest & most influential extent!



The conjuration properties of this bag are meant to be utilized ONLY by the person who owns the bag, as any spirit returned through the simple conjuration process will be in response to the person conjuring.   The foundation spell for the conjuration aspect of this tool utilizes CH’s proprietary method of matching Keeper to spirit through each person’s unique energy signature.  The portals opened are protected, one-way, and will allow only what you desire to come through; however specific or non-specific you are.


To use, you will place your hands on the bag, say the conjuration invocation associated with the race of spirit you desire to return, and the presence of the spirit will be returned through which communication can be established through telepathy, vision, audible, or visual confirmation.



Nitaba selonsa gari

(Nee-tah-bah say-lawn-sah gah-ree)


Ilosi umbre tel

(E-lah-see om-bray teal)

Dark Arts

Kaki mesa lira

(Kah-key may-sah lee-ray)


Pyra telion ramis

(Pie-rah tay-lee-on ray-miz)


Gilsta nimri ros

(Gehl-stah nim-ree rows)


Pisipa qula nama

(Pey-sip-ah coo-lah nah-mah)


Ranso byran lee

(Ran-sow buy-ron lee)


Deran stoto hepra

(Dee-ran stow-tow heap-rah)


Seria litoa preum

(Say-ree-ah lay-tow-ah pree-um)


Roxis nituli etrum

(Rocks-is nigh-too-lee eh-trum)


Bag is a canvas, tote bag, custom-printed, which is 14"x 14"x 3".

Class V, tier 3 - Spirit/Spells/Magic physically and/or spiritually present. Object effects emotions, senses, motor skills, thoughts and mood of not only the owner but those around the object. The object can be used as a portal to inflict or bestow the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away. Can move by itself and can move objects near it. Incredibly powerful and rare, is the most powerful binding achieved and possesses multiple times over the power of a class 5.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

This can be used as many times as you need to, for multiple spirits or spells. It is not a one-time use tool.

There are no further discounts to this item because of the work involved.

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Erika G
Jul 25, 2018
please make more. I want to buy one! Thank you :)
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Charles C
Sep 19, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
An amazing piece everyone should have. Love it and so glad I got it.

Advantages: Too many to name

Disadvantages: None
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Caroline E
Jul 27, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
THE BEST! This has helped me bind spells to others and conjure two beings: An angel for my friend, and my werewolf expressed a desire for a mate :)

Advantages: Very convenient with multiple uses.

Disadvantages: none
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Jul 19, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
As soon as I opened the package this bag was in, I felt a surge of power coming from the back in the area of my solar plexus. So far, I have bumped up my Succubus and Bronwyn Angel all the way to Class 5, tier 3 with the simply but effective incantations provided. Over time, all my spirits will receive a significant boost in power.

You can feel the process of cleansing, charging, empowerment and rebinding happening as it is taking place! This tool is absolutely fantastic for any and all of the purposes advertised! You will not be disappointed, and it is well worth the investment.

Advantages: This truly is the Ultimate Bag of Tricks! I've yet to find anything negative about it and very likely never will.

Disadvantages: None!
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Jan 25, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I did not know how much I needed this bag until I started working with it. If you have a bunch of Creepy Hollows bindings just get it, you need it. I also don't have to stick my crystals in rice or salt as much anymore to cleanse them, now I just stick them in the bag.

Here are some examples on how I used the bag:

I put all my time and hypnosis spells (highly recommend the A Fragment of Time Spell) into a cool steampunk wind up watch.

I was having trouble with the Crystal Ball of Massive Visions (a freebee selectable for purchases over $500) because it came with a clear crystal ball vessel and I have trouble with working with clear crystal balls because it takes way more of my energy to have a vision, a personal quirk of mine. I copied this spell using this bag and put it on some of my crystal spheres with natural imperfections and I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. Many of my spirit family came through and I got to see what they looked like, and I saw many, many things without having to make much effort. In fact, a family member picked up a small orb I’d copied the spell to and, unaware that the item was spelled started seeing things right away!

I made a custom vessel with many of the spells I work with every day. I put them on a crystal that had been working very well with me (I had been working with it based ton a suggestion by my Kobold) and I think putting it in a vessel I had a particular affinity with somehow removed some blockages and gave the spells a boost.

Advantages: ALL

Disadvantages: None. One suggestion though, make you vessels a little at a time. I had to take some spells off my special vessel because they somehow got in the way of the fun, light, airy way I wanted the piece to feel.
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