University Classes DIY


The University offers two types of instruction; Personal & Non-Personal. Personal means the instruction you receive is intended for use by you only & not for you to use on other people or to use to create items for other people; with the exception of loved ones & close friends. Non-Personal means the instruction you receive can be used for yourself, loved ones, or complete strangers.

All classes & instruction are provided by Magnolia & Ash. The Personal instruction & classes are far more easy-going & relaxed than the Non-Personal instruction, as with Non-Personal instruction you will be preparing things or performing tasks for people you've never met, and therefore serious consideration is taken in the level of competency with the subject at hand.


Personal instruction offers classes & certificate programs that are anywhere from 1 hour classes to a certificate program up to 20 or more hours of study. They are not as intensive or stringent as Non-Personal instruction.

Classes are one-time instruction you receive & can work with at your leisure. Certificate Programs involve a series of classes &, in some cases, testing that would be required to verify you understand everything you've been taught before you receive your certificate of completion.

Cost: Depending on the class it ranges from $88-$140 per credit hour.


Non-Personal certifications are a series of classes that must be taken in a specific order and you must pass testing in order to move to the next level. It is a program taken extremely seriously, and is offered only to those serious about becoming a true practitioner & not an average do-it-yourself seller.

To obtain a certificate of completion you will complete a series of classes starting at a beginner's level. Depending on the class it may be from 1 credit hour to 5 credit hours. There is testing every step along the way to ensure the comprehension of the material is up to par before a student is allowed to move to the next level. Each certification will vary in number of credit hours for completion, but may take up to 150 hours for each certification.

Cost: Depending on the class & certification course it ranges from $120-$580 per credit hour.