Vessel Protection :: Keep Your Spirits & Spells Safe

Vessel Protection :: Keep Your Spirits & Spells Safe
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Any practitioner of any level will tell you that protection of the work they've done is of the utmost importance. You do not want what you have created to be used by others without your permission. Certainly if you were to lose an enchanted or spelled piece you do not want someone to be able to unlock its secrets and sometimes you do not want someone to even know that what you possess contains anything more than the material it is made of.

These protection spells are Creepy Hollows originals to make the magic, enchantments, spells or spirits contained within an object to be undetectable by prying eyes & people who do not have your permission; they are only active to you and anyone else you grant permission.

Anyone who finds your pieces, steals your pieces or tries to uncover the secrets of your pieces will not be able to.

You will be provided a download of 3 different types of Protection spells:

>>> Confusion Spell
>>> Innocuous Spell
>>> Reversal Spell

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Permission to replace selected spirit or vessel with another if a spirit or vessel of same or higher class responds better to you
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