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White Arts Communication Board

White Arts Communication Board
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A board you can download & print to initiate contact & interaction with White Arts spirits!

You can use the board with a pendulum, rod, or with your hand. You will want to be in a focused & relaxed state of mind when you begin.

Position yourself & the board whichever way is most accessible & comfortable. You will let the tool of your choice hover over the board while you get your mind ready for interaction. When you are ready to begin ask the White Arts spirits to come to you, if you have a specific spirit in your care that you wish to interact with call them by name. Let the spirit(s) guide the tool over the board. They may spell out answers, give you initials of people, words, places, etc, they may give you part of a word answer or just the beginning letters. The more you use this tool the more effective you are at engaging White Arts spirits with it.

There are three indicators on the board that will let you know if the spirit is giving you advice, just sharing some information & bonding time with you, or if they are warning you of something.

This board is designed specifically for White Arts spirits and is not intended for use with any other type of spirit as the answers may not be correct from any other kind of entity.

This board is a great tool that should be a complement to your interaction with your spirits and not meant to be the sole method of contact.

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