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Witches Of Wemberton :: Dark Arts :: They Played With Fire & They Got It

Witches Of Wemberton :: Dark Arts :: They Played With Fire & They Got It
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The Witches of Wemberton were a human coven of practicing Witches who wanted to take their practice to the next level. They took practices that were brought over during Roman occupation of Briton and worked it with various techniques developed in Briton, Ireland, and Scotland areas, and convened with a powerful persuasion of skilled magick. They wanted to achieve a level higher than human consciousness through an ancient, Roman ritual they blended with Briton's newer magick, and called with some of the darker rituals & sacrificial rituals known before their time. Their pursuits were successful, in some terms, and in that success of elevating human consciousness to the Spiritual efforts, they unleashed a darker side that they had not quite intended. Because of that the coven took on a darker tone and the members were more darkly invested in the actions of magick. They were outrageous, wild, wickedly motivated, and worked with a great range of Dark Arts, & borderline Black Arts, magick. Their blend became increasingly powerful until the coven was largely wiped out during an epidemic.

They make wonderful companions to those who are experienced with the Witches of the Human race, as they are very dark, and if you are not accustomed to working with Witches of the Human they may seem intimidating.

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