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Aeon Orb Feeding Energies - Add Magick Or Charging Energies

Aeon Orb Feeding Energies - Add Magick Or Charging Energies
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If you're already an owner of the Aeon Orb and you want to add energies to your existing orb... this is the way to do it. Please select from the drop-down what kind of magick or charging energies you want to add feeding energies for! It provides supportive power & energy for all spells related to the feeding energy you select. Consider it a backbone of assistance & amplification to the bound spells & magick you have on other vessels!

You will receive a stone bound with the energies & the very simple instructions on how to transfer to your Aeon Orb!

Add Feeding Energies for:
Applies to all White, Dark/Grey, Neutral Arts
Eternal Charging Source: provides Charging Energy to any spirited or spelled bindings in your home or bound to your spirit
Select if the Feeding Energies should be White, Dark, or Neutral below
Aura & Chakra
Beauty & Youth
Cleansing & Healing
Creativity & Artistic
Family & Friends
Good Luck & Prosperity
Happiness & Joy
Learning & Memory
Life Decisions & Situations
Love & Romance
Magick & Mysticism
Peace & Balance
Physical Body
Protection, Shielding, & Curse Removal
Psychic, Mancy, Divination, Scrying, & Tarot
Realms; Astral, Earthen, & Spiritual
Sex & Lust
Self-Confidence & Self-Power
Wisdom & Intelligence
Wish-Making & Wish-Granting

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