Altar Boxes & Supplies

Altar boxes are boxes used to store the tools and supplies on your altar space. Altar boxes can also be specially spelled or charmed containers of magic that help you achieve a result through rituals, castings, conjurings and ceremonies. Altar boxes are essential tools to the Arts and can be vital instruments of witchcraft and magic.
Altar Box and Enchantments for Romance, Love, Sexual Power & Passion - With Halloween Bonus
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These Altar Boxes are specially cast to be a great complement to your magical efforts and help you work with more integrated, magical spells & enchantments. Each box holds an array of magickal enchantments and ways to help advance your journey. Each Altar Box comes cast with spells as well as beautiful crystals each cast with a different enchantment, and as a bonus they come with an antique Halloween postcard that is an enchanted gateway to seeing, hearing, and interacting with spirits; which grows stronger on Halloween night.

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