Altar Cloths, Tables and Tiles

An altar cloth is an indispensable attribute for performing magical rituals, as well as for other magical activities. In the Creepy Hollows store, you will find a large selection of these magic items that will help strengthen the power of the conducted practices. The altar cloth is one of the main decorations and assistants. Any magician who has started or has achieved a certain skill in this art needs such an item. On such a cloth, necessary components of each ritual are placed: books, runes, candles and other, used in the process. It also protects the altar, which you can also buy here, from damages and from all kinds of dirt formed during the ritual: wax candles, particles of used herbs. In addition, this item has a magical effect. Different kinds of clothes are suitable for different practices: divination, calling for spirits, creation a protection. That is why we offer a large selection of altar tablecloths with different images of mascots, magic signs, and symbols so that everyone can find something for their needs. In addition, we offer not only these products, but also altar tiles.