Binding Arts of Magic, Spirits, Entities

The prism of the supernatural

You will find most practitioners and believers have their own ranking system when it comes to placing spirits, entities, or magick into the categories of "White", "Dark/Grey", "Neutral" (only applies to magick), or "Black". These terms are the only industry standards, apart from these, the avenues & criteria by which the paranormal fits into them are different.

Binding Arts of Spirits or Living Entities

White Arts Spirits

White Arts

Spirits: A ranking of White Arts means the spirit is good, positive, has an uplifting & kind energy associated with it.

Most practitioners rank spirits/entities, like Angels, who are capable of attack & retribution as White Arts as they only act in defense.  They do not indulge in causing dischord. White Arts spirits/entities who can provide protection, avenge wrongs, and fight back are considered White Arts as they do so in order to provide positive support on your behalf.

White Arts spirits/entities are incapable of wrongdoing and making decisions that negatively affect yourself, your atmosphere, your home, etc.  They are pure, light, positive beings who provide a positive enrichment.  They make positive-based actions and decisions as they are guided by purity and positive power.  They cannot engage in any kind of negative or harmful behavior as they are incapable of doing so by their own design.