26 Jan 2023
The Hand of Glory

The Ingoldsby Legends was once some of the most popular and delightful stories to tell. However, as with many tales, legends, fables, and other fun midnight myths, they weren't entirely unique to the author, Thomas Ingoldsby (a pseudonym). What you are about to read is a story passed down from mouth to mouth, from pen to pen, and from page to page. No story is quite so fitting for this as The Hand of Glory.

Image source: The Grimoire of Pope Honorius Grimorium Verum Petit Albert. By Albertus Parvus Lucius.

Estate Artifacts & Paranormal Objects

The Art of Collecting Paranormal Objects

There are two main channels of collecting paranormal artifacts:

- Artifacts from those who practice magick or engage in supernatural work; associated with the full spectrum of magick, spirits, and supernatural endeavors

- Objects that exhibit paranormal characteristics from ongoing human touch or usage; retaining heavy energy imprints on the inanimate object, making it seemingly animate

22 Dec 2022
History of Yule

Yule is an old event, but modern conceptions have skewed the perception of what it really was. Was it really like Christmas? Was it a festive event that we project modern practices onto? Was it really just another time or month for the Germanic People? We hope this blog will answer many questions you may have about Yule.

15 Dec 2022
Origin of Christmas

Christmas, the most popular holiday on planet Earth, and so few realize it's long-standing origin in religions, and cultures, around the world.

04 Dec 2022
Beltane & May Day

In Spring are the festivals, rituals, and parties celebrating Beltane and May Day.  May is a month filled with hope, imagination, and the future.  Its aroma is of romance, giddy desire, and full-on celebration of the summer, bounty, and prosperity for all.

02 Oct 2022
Spirit Keeping Basics

Spirit Keeping is the practice of sharing your life's journey with the spirits of once-living beings.  Spirit Keeping is open to all religious & spiritual beliefs, and people of all cultures - it is not specific or limited in its opportunities.  If you've landed on this page you are wondering what is Spirit Keeping?

Those who practice Spirit Keeping are open to communication and interaction with spirits that they welcome into their lives.  They do so in order to enlighten themselves and be able to advance their perception, thoughts, and beliefs related to their personal lives, their spiritual development, and their understanding of life (in all its transitions).

Spirit Keeping allows you to communicate and interact with spirits not only who once lived on Earth, but have lived anywhere within the Universe.  Spirit Keeping encourages you to learn more about history, about life itself, about your potential & opportunities, and about exploring your supernatural power.  In communication and work with spirits you open your mind and spirit to the esoteric, mysticism, and spiritual power.