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The Box Of All Answers, Knowing, Wishes, Commands, & Power

The Box Of All Answers, Knowing, Wishes, Commands, & Power
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This listing is for a Tapuji box. This is a rare opportunity as our Tapuji boxes will be offered in extremely limited quantities.

They are boxes imbued for a specific person, or a specific bloodline, and in the Notes section of this listing you will need to tell us if you want the box for you, specifically, or for you & your spouse, or if you want the box to be for your bloodline (for children, and if you intend to pass it on). It takes one month to prepare a Tapuji box for a new owner(s).

It is a box that contains all reason, answers, knowing, wishes, commands, and power with regard to all of your life, not just the paranormal. You use the box in several ways; you can open the box and place it in front of you and either out loud, or through telepathy, communicate your needs and desires, no matter what area of life they concern, then you close the box, and put it under your bed or at the foot of your bed (anywhere it won't be stepped on). You leave it for 3 nights, and the answers or solutions to your questions or needs will present themselves through realization, intrinsic knowledge, thoughts, visions, or through messages conveyed by others, or spirits.

If you desire to have information granted to you, open the box, and sit in front of the box, and be in a quiet frame of mind, as you reflect on your issues, needs, questions, and with the box open allow your mind to, at first, focus on your needs & questions, and then slowly allow your mind to go blank and let thoughts naturally come to you as the powers of the box will convey answers, suggestions, insights, and messages with regard to your needs.

If you desire to make a wish, whether it be small & simple, or complex & engaging, you will write your wish on a piece of paper, fold & seal it with wax, and place it in the bottom of the box with a token offering on top (we usually use herbs as an offering), and leave it for 14 days in the box. Manifestations of the wish you have made will make themselves known as in correlation with the wish. Since every situation & person is different we can't tell you exactly what will happen. The binding on the box, however, will provide you feedback with your wish in terms of any modifications that might need to be made, or the actuality of the realization of your wish. It usually provides that kind of feedback in immediate, snap thoughts when the wish is placed in the box the first day.

If you desire to exert control or command over a person, entity, or spirit, you write your name on the top of a piece of paper, and their name on the bottom of the piece of paper, and fold it to a size that fits in the box, and place a stone on top of the paper once in the box. You will leave it for at least 24 hours and the powers of confidence, authority, and command will come to you & will exert their powers over the situation you possess with the other person.

If you desire counsel, assistance, support, help, and insights with your life, open the box and sit, in a quiet state of mind & body, and allow the box to provide you with its incredible wisdom. Its insights are often motivational, revolutionary, supportive, and creative beyond normal. It's an extremely powerful & versatile artifact.

The box knows its owner, it comes to know you, your needs, your desires, your thought process, and anticipates what you need.

The picture is representative. We have several boxes created; they are all wooden of various design.  They vary in size from 6"-10" long and 4"-6" wide.  We work with heirloom-quality boxes so you can pass the box on through generations.

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