Channel to the Kalburesk Dragon Spirits - Venomous & Unrelenting Guardians

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This is a Channel binding to the race of Dragons known as the Kalburesk (Kahl-bur-esk).  Living on the ancient Earth, long before the time of mankind, they were giants amongst the dinosaurs and gargantuan amongst the bi-ped species of the time like Elves, Fae, Dwarves, etc.  They were fiercely protective of anything they felt was theirs.  They usually lived in small groups of five or less, and they woud claim & occupy entire mountains or coastal regions.  They always had fire-engine red scales with black, curled horns on top of their head.  They had venomous teeth and could breath acidic gas as defense mechanisms. They were rarely confronted or bothered by any other species, but as their coveted territory became more desirable to growing civilizations, and as those civilizations realized the Kalburesk Dragons were (sometimes quite literally) sitting on gold mines, they were challenged.

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