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Chaos Energy Magic Spells Bindings

Spells that help you with chaos magic and working with chaos energy. These enchantments help you discover, recognize, control, and work with chaos magic. The rituals and spells are helpful with chaos energy on all 3 Realms; Astral, Spiritual, and Earthen.
Chaos Ever After - The Power of Chaos Magick
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This is a great binding that provides you a whirlwind of chaos.  It is a dynamic force which can provide you surges of thoughts, ideas, emotions, energies, and magick.  Chaos energy is beneficial to those who operate in multi-faceted situations.  Through the power of chaos you can bring creation or destruction.  Chaos is one of the origin energies which can connect you to a raw, ethereal, ancient force of nature.  It's a great way for you to learn and experiment with various styles and types of energies. 

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