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Choose Your Binding Jewelry

All the jewelry in this category is empty & ready for your choice of spells, spirits, or entities! Choose any of these pendants, rings, bracelets, or earrings ... then add any spell, spirit, or entity from the shop! Or, you can buy any of these to transmute your spirits, spells, or entities from CH or any other seller.
Custom Jewelry - Turquoise & Nepal Silver Pendant
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Nepal silver pendant set with turquoise animal relief and turquoise skulls.  A fun and exciting pendant for any binding.

Our price: $39.95
Market price: $52.95 save 25%
Custom Jewelry - Turquoise Pendant
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This large pendant is absolutely stunning with large pieces of turquoise accented by rainbow moonstone, it is set in Nepal silver.

In our new Choose Your Binding category, you can purchase any binding in the shop to go on any piece of jewelry. 

Simply add the listing for any spirit, spell, entity, service, etc from the shop to your cart, then in the NOTES area below tell us which binding you want this jewelry for.  You must purchase a spell, spirit, entity, or service that goes on this jewelry.  This piece of jewelry is empty and you must purchase the binding you want on this piece.  You can opt to have multiple listings from the shop added to one piece of jewelry, if desired.  Make sure you clearly note which bindings in your cart belong to this jewelry selection.

Our price: $38.00
Market price: $55.00 save 31%