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Cleansing & Restoration Magic Jewelry

Cleansing magic is essential for keeping our 3 bodies and our magical gifts from being clouded in residual, negative, and hampering energies. We must all be diligent in our quest to keep ourselves rejuvenated and restored from the negativity that can impact us. It is not uncommon for voids, negative pockets of energy, and bad juju to form around us in our daily life. Cleansing of our auric field, chakras, and 3 bodies must be something that we are persistent with. Through cleansing we remove the things that keep us in negative cycles, we promote positive growth and happiness, and evolution. Cleansing can be achieved through work with meditation, rituals, smudging, and spells. For those who don't want to do-it-yourself, we offer amazing cleansing spells & magic.
Cleansing Web Spell to Cycle Energy In & Cleansing Energy Out
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This binding is a powerful cycle which absorbs the residual negative, malicious, or bad energies from within your 3 bodies into the vessel, cleanses the energy, and then cycles out energy which will help you in all your endeavors! It's a great binding to bring balance, peace, and assurance of positive power. You can use the energy that cycles out from the vessel any way you desire. Whether your work with White Arts or Dark Arts you can apply this energy to anything you wish. It's a fantastic binding to help keep all the nagging, blocking, and unwanted energies from finding you and providing you the clear platform for you use the energy to reach any level.

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