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Clothing, Costumes, Cloaks & More

Find a wide array of designs with clothing, cloaks, and costumes. These metaphysical themed articles feature Elvish, Viking, Dragon, Japanese, Medieval, Steampunk and many more in design. All of the articles are high quality and professionally-made from sturdy materials like leather, cotton, metal, silk, etc. Look like a Medieval princess, an Elvish queen, a knight in shining armor, a forest wizard, a Dragon commander and more! Perfect for those who are fans of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, The Hobbit, or any fantasy fandom.
Steampunk Leather Bracer With Vials
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A touch of Victorian elegance can make anything more appealing. That is as true clothing as it is for armor! Take this Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials, which combines a versatile design with a lovely look befitting a steampunk lady. That Victorian style comes from the lacers on the bracer, which secure a delicate ribbon, in the same style as a corset's lacing. The bracer itself is made entirely in high quality leather, with open grommets for a laced-up closure that allows for all the adjustability you will need. Set along one side of the bracer is a row of three glass vials that are corked and fully functional. Added to your look, this Ladies Steampunk Bracer with Vials gives you a trio of handy potion vials to fill as needed, as well as a touch of appeal that elegantly elevates the look of this armored accessory.

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Steampunk Leather Octopus Wrist Cuff
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Are you looking for a subtle way to show your steampunk style? This Steampunk Octopus Wrist Cuff fits like a watch, yet with its incredibly engraved design, easily shows off your love and interest in all things that are steampunk. This handsome wrist cuff is made from supple leather and offered in a medium brown hue. The wristband is accented with grommets and engraved gears, while the main face of the wrist cuff features a gear shape set around an octopus. The cuff comes in one size, but has a buckle for an easily adjustable fit. For costumes or for casual wear, this Steampunk Octopus Wrist Cuff is a stellar accessory to wear when you want to fly your steampunk flag.

Our price: $16.50