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Creepy Hollows Book Of Spells, Vol 1 - From Our Own, Personal Books

Creepy Hollows Book Of Spells, Vol 1 - From Our Own, Personal Books
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We are going to have many, many volumes forthcoming and each it going to contain anywhere between 3-10 spells, rituals or invocations for casting and/or creating tools.

This first volume we decided to do 3 absolutely essential tools for any practitioner.

>> Creation of an Energy Orb
>> Creation of a Powerful Wand
>> Creation of Scrying Water

The Energy Orb

Creating an energy orb allows you to utilize the energy within for a multitude of purposes. Once you charge your energy orb through this exercise you will need to re-charge as necessary (meaning when you feel the energy waning).

It comes with an invocation and you can use any other invocations you have or purchase in the future with this instruction!

The Powerful Wand

The purpose of this spell is to create a wand that acts not only as a wand but also as a support tool to increase the power behind the spells you cast allowing for an increase of up to 10x the power of the spell positively affecting the results of the spell cast.

Scrying Water

The powers of Divination are an important one as anyone will tell you. Hydromancy is the easiest to work with for those who are inexperienced or well-versed. For that reason we’ve chosen Scrying Water as a necessity for the practitioner.

You can use any water you wish with this spell. It does not require pre-prepared water, distilled or purified water to work. You can use plain tap water if you wish or if you prefer you can use distilled, purified, oil, perfumed or otherwise mixed water. The only necessity is that water is the primary ingredient.

The versatility of this instruction allows for a powerful Divination tool that can be used in your home, office, outdoors, ANYWHERE there is access to water. I can tell you from experience you will use this more than you think.

You will receive the book in downloadable format.

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