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Custom Conjuration Of Tribi Spirit - Cute Fluffy Creatures Waiting Your Command

Custom Conjuration Of Tribi Spirit - Cute Fluffy Creatures Waiting Your Command
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Tribi are tiny creatures who have lived (in one form or another) in all 3 Realms. They are super cute creatures who are balls of fluff. Their size ranges between 3"-9" in height and they come in a variation of colors and color mixtures. They are all exactly the same. Tribi act in unison; as a collective. They are all squeaky-voiced creatures who will stare blankly at you if you do not give them something to do. They await your entire instruction and tasking each day. When alive they obeyed the leader of their tribe. In spirit form you are the leader. If you have more than one Tribi you will have to give them all the same task to do and they will work together. They think and act as a group when there are more than one Tribi in a home. They are unquestionably sweet and spunky.


A Custom Conjuration means we choose the spirit that best suits you or if it is a gift the person you are gifting to. We recommend you place the date of birth of the person this Custom Conjuration is for in the Notes box below! A Custom Conjuration provides a close bond as the spirit is conjured with your, unique energy signature. This means any spirits who respond via the Custom Conjuration are the best match for you & your energy. Spirits who are Custom Conjured usually have faster bonds and interactions with you.


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