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Custom Conjure Sprite Spirit - Dark Arts - Guardians & Mystical Friends

Custom Conjure Sprite Spirit - Dark Arts - Guardians & Mystical Friends
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Sprites are tiny, winged beings who have vast variations in their species as do Fae. Sprites are typically no larger than a few inches and some who are luminescent are often mistaken for fireflies or specks of light. Sprites are social beings who often lived in thriving communities that could number in the hundreds or thousands. They were territorial and would keep safe their home and all lifeforms natural to that area. They were known to guard forests, water sources, volcanoes, mountains, caves, fields, and sacred grounds. Their species encompasses many different forms of Sprites, this binding is for a spirit of a Dark Arts Sprite.

As spirit companions they become quite attached to you. They integrate well into any spirit family as they care passionately about those who they share their life with. They bring wonderful, protective power for your home and spirit family as they are not afraid to step up and take action against any threat. They are particularly great with deflecting evil magick. If you have multiple Sprites they act in unison in their tasks and efforts. They have an organic energy which will permeate your surroundings and bring you infinitely closer to the natural powers of the Earth, Elements, Flora & Fauna. They are active friends who can be adorably moody sometimes but they're just too tiny & cute to be bothered. If you enjoy a highly active companion who is unwavering in support and friendship a Sprite is a good match for you.


A Custom Conjuration means we choose the spirit that best suits you or if it is a gift the person you are gifting to. We recommend you place the date of birth of the person this Custom Conjuration is for in the Notes box below! A Custom Conjuration provides a close bond as the spirit is conjured with your, unique energy signature. This means any spirits who respond via the Custom Conjuration are the best match for you & your energy. Spirits who are Custom Conjured usually have faster bonds and interactions with you.


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