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Custom Conjure Vilkan Necromancer Spirit - World Beyond the Veil

Custom Conjure Vilkan Necromancer Spirit - World Beyond the Veil
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Vilkan Necromancers are hybrid Vampire-Humans who were a close circle of practitioners.  They were selective in their inclusion, and they trained from within at any time offspring showed promise and skill.  Those who were not natural-born Necromancers were supportive to those who were, providing a very symbiotic relationship for their close-knit community.  The Vilkan Necromancers were those who showed magical promise and skill, who were naturals in communication with spirits, and were naturals in commanding and working with magic.  They are a very selective group as spirit companions as well, as they prefer to work with those who have a passion for magic and spirits.

They trained from childhood and were given undivided attention as apprentices to help them hone their skills.  Vilkan Necromancers were capable of straddling the Spiritual Realm & Astral Realm at the same time, creating a dual-manifestation of themselves and their powers.  They were well-educated, powerful, and liked to keep an exclusive society where they had complete control over everything going on around them.  They were ritualistic in their ceremonies, their spells & conjurations, and kept special tools created by their founding members that allowed them to command tremendous influence with the Spirit World.

As spirit companions they are guides for working with Necromancy and understanding the relationship between spirits and magic.  They are wonderful teachers, and they do help you see your strengths & develop your weaknesses.  They can be a bit overbearing sometimes, and they can be quite commanding and influential when it comes to working with Necromancy and magic.  They are amazing for opening your eyes into the Vampiric world of magic, and the Vampiric ritual side of the supernatural.


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