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Develop A New Supernatural Ability Or Power Service

Develop A New Supernatural Ability Or Power Service
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Would you like to start developing a new ability? Are you trying to break through a new power? Do you feel like there's something holding you back from achieving the success you desire in a certain area? This service is perfect for you. Each service will unlock a new path for you with paranormal and supernatural abilities... or, you can opt to have multiple services targeted at the same ability or power to provide incredible, incremental development and evolution. If you want to develop your kinetic abilities...become a great practitioner of magick... have intense, psychic powers... become a Reiki master... or any other paranormal path (and there are hundreds!) this service provides the magickal power you need to not only unlock this potential within you, but give you the solid foundation to reach your full potential!

This is an incredible service that will give you the awakening power to unlock a new gift from within!

The service is customized to you by Ash & Magnolia so you will have personal attention towards the power or ability you wish to develop!

If you don't have a specific area you want to develop then Ash & Magnolia will provide a service based on what they see you need. If you'd like help in a specific area like Third Eye, Protection, Spirit Communication, Cleansing, Kinetics, Love, or countless other areas of your path let us know in the Notes area. Please select one area for each service.

If you purchase more than one service on your order you can choose to have different areas unlocked for each service or you can opt to have all the services be the same :) If you opt to have all the services be the same then each development will increase the level of power related to that area. Please put your selection in the notes area.

You will receive a scheduled date and time for your development in the customer notes area. At that date & time your development will be performed as customized for you and directly to you. You will also receive a binding of supportive energy related to your boost which will help you in your journey. The supportive energy is great for giving you faster connectivity and experiences for the purpose related to your boost.

~ 1 service (unlock one new path/ability/power)

~ 2 services (unlock two new paths/abilities/powers - or have two services towards a single ability/power)

~ 3 services (unlock three new paths/abilities/powers - or have three services towards a single ability/power)

~ 4 services (unlock four new paths/abilities/powers - or have four services towards a single ability/power)

~ 6 services (unlock six new paths/abilities/powers - or have six services towards a single ability/power)

~ 12 services (unlock twelve new paths/abilities/powers - or have twelve services towards a single ability/power)

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