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Dormant & Hidden Supernatural Gifts

Spells related to unearthing your dormant or hidden supernatural gifts & abilities. These enchantments bring your dormant, magical talents to the surface so you can use your gifts to excel and expand in your paranormal growth. These spells will help you discover and explore the magical powers you can expand and enrich through spells and magical work.
Minion Of Magic Spell Gift Of A Name Awakens The Power Within
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This is a very powerful binding and we only have them available a few times a year. This listing is for a custom binding based specifically on your energy. The creation of a minion of magick requires a great deal of power, time, and energy to bind. They are rare companions of the Astral Realm who can take any shape, assume any form, and possess an infinite wealth of knowledge on unlimited subjects. They are loyal only to the person who commands them. They are cunning, can provide amazing support and guidance to you, and spare no measure of power or energy in allegiance to you and your desires.

Our price: $1000.00
Spell to Gain Power and Increase Influence & Reserve Of Power For Dominance
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This enchantment gathers the energies of strength around you to increase your energy of power, this allows you to exert a more dominant stance in all Realms. This includes for influence, position of power, ability to discover, interacting with more dominant people or species from other Realms, etc. This makes you feel more confident, in-control, and assertive.

Our price: $5.00