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Dream A Little Dream Of Me Spell

Dream A Little Dream Of Me Spell
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Dreams, like eyes, are considered to be windows to the soul... a peek through our physical minds to our astral selves existing on another plane. Some people dream every night, others not at all... we can dream in black and white or in color... we dream of people we know, people we don't... familiar places, strange places... past events and sometimes future events... and the possibilities go on forever. There are keys to our personal lives within our dreams and sometimes there are keys to lives of others... past lives... and events that have not yet come to pass.

The enchantments on this vessel are for promoting useful dreaming - dreams that reveal something purposeful to you - and granting you the ability to decipher what you have dreamt and how it applies to you or a family member or a situation. It is a very useful tool for those who want to open themselves to new channels of self-awareness, psychic divination, enlightenment and wisdom that can only be acquired through ethereal and spiritual experiences.

Put your dreams to work for you so you Channel the information within the Universe that will make positive and significant changes in your life. Do not leave anything to chance! You will be thrilled with the level of power and strength which comes through this incredible binding.


Activation Code Word: Taltus (Tall-tuhz)

Deactivation Code Word: Nystal (Nye-stall)


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