Dynamic Discovery Powers Power Orb for 9 Massively Amazing Bindings

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This orb contains the powers of: Journeying, Awakening of dormant powers, Family bloodline manipulations, Thirst for your path, Plagues of your path, Identification, opening, & closing of Portals, Fusion of Spirits & Magick, Spirit Interaction, Communication, & Path, and Binding of Spirits & Magick.

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This listing is long please take the time to review it in full and ask if you have any further questions via Helpdesk or in the forum.

A follow-up binding to the amazingly popular "Power for Yourself (Lazy Orb)" we have developed this versatile, dynamic tool for discovery of self as well as the energies, powers, spirits, magic, & realms around you.

The bindings work intuitively for you at all times adjusting to your natural flow and allowing you to work at optimal effort without fatigue or pressure. Allowing you to complete as much or as little work as you wish at any time. You can work with any of these bindings individually, multiple bindings at the same time, or let the orb work for you as needed on its own. The power & energy associated with each one of these bindings is substantial and you may feel the increased levels so work with as few or as many as you desire and adjust the number of bindings you've activated as necessary.

You will receive code words in a pamphlet which contains all of this information (descriptions) as well. You have the ability to activate the entire orb to work for you intuitively, to activate certain bindings to work while others do not, and to activate or de-activate the different bindings as you desire. This makes the orb a powerful & versatile tool.

When the orb is left alone to work intuitively for you it will respond to you as best deemed at your present situation. It will respond at different times in different levels of energy depending on what you need at any, given moment... this is what makes the orb a dynamic, ever-adapting tool!

All of these bindings are permanent:

Journeying is basically a displacement of your body into another realm or world and sometimes even a different time period within our own realm. You visit the same location over and over and if you are in tune with journeying and you can control it to some extent you will basically live a second life, and for some third and fourth lives if they are natural journeyors. It is like hyper-astral traveling. You connect with another realm, another time on Earth, another universe entirely, it can be any one of multiple scenarios depending on each person. It is like having a continuous dream where you experience people, places, & things repeatedly; building a relationship & familiarity with an entirely alternate existence. 

When activated you start by building your energies for journeying, some may actually journey the first night while others it may take up to one week. You will connect to either one place or multiple places in the beginning and you will feel more like an observor than a participant, at first. The place you resonate strongest to will become your journeying location and you will repeatedly visit that location as you build your journey. Some people who journey become intricately involved in situations, people, entities, etc and life basically what is like a second life. 

You can journey in sleep, meditation, or variations of both. It can be a great deal of fun that adds something special to your life; as well as an incredible method of self-discovery, self-awakening, and self-renewal. You can find out things about yourself you would have never known otherwise. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Awakening of dormant powers
A more rigorous binding of our "Connection to Alter-Ego" piece this binding, when activated, awakens the dormant powers within you... be they from your present life (birth powers), powers from past lives you've lived, ancestral bloodline powers from matnernal or paternal lineages, or strengthening the powers you've newly developed through your own hard work in this life. Many of us have dormant or regressive powers that when discovered & exercised can bring us immeasurable growth & power. 

For most of us birth powers, past life powers, and ancestral powers are meant to be part of our self-discovery path. When we look within & become intro-spective as spiritual beings we find many hidden treasures within ourselves... this binding is to help you awaken to your fullest potential & discover these dormant powers throughout your life as needed. Some powers are waiting to be uncovered right now as others will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive them. 

This is a wondrous tool that will accompany & assit you for your lifetime. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Family bloodline manipulations
In the paranormal there is always a lot of talk about family curses, considering the massive number of people in your maternal & paternal bloodlines from inception to now there is a large chance we've all had family curses along the way, but what is rarely spoken of, and often also as prevelant as curses are family blessings. We all have the relative who ticked someone off and was cursed... we all also have the relative who saved someone's life, or helped someone so greatly they blessed your family as well. For those who enjoy the extensive insight into ancestral bloodlines, situations, & historic markers this idenfication of bloodline manipulations will be an intriguing & amazing experience. 

Often family curses & blessings will not affect long-term bloodlines because as more blood is introduced into a family bloodline the weaker the curse or blessing becomes until ultimately non-existent. If you think about how many people are in your immediate family, second generation, third generation, fourth generation, etc you see how it's not long before your family (including all blood relatives; cousins, second-cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) can add up to more than a thousand people. However, learning about family curses & blessings can reveal to you information about your family in many terms, often giving you an interesting perspective on how those traits may have survived multiple generations even though the curse or blessing did not. 

Family history can be a powerful tool in many things in life; aside from your health it also reveals many key aspects into powers, abilities, talents, skills, weaknesses, shortcomings, and how things can be improved or changed & applied to your own life. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Thirst for your path
As simple as it may seem maintaining a thirst for life & a thirst for keeping a momentum on your path is actually a very necessary & very real issue. Our energy levels change all the time and sometimes we are discouraged, bored, or depressed and giving of any kind of effort seems futile to us. This binding is to help you keep your thirst for knowledge, growth, evolution, self-discovery, and positive outlook. It will be a pick-me-up for you when you need it to be and help you keep your momentum in life in all aspects. It is a great binding that will be a life-long support. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Plagues of your path
The smallest & largest things can rob you of what would be an amazing journey. The point of this binding is to save you from those pitfalls as often as possible. This includes the identification & removal of any kind of blockage, as well as the identification & removal of unwarranted, human fears & doubts. To begin blockages can occur naturally, be placed their intentionally or unintentionally by ourselves, or be pushed in our path by someone else. This binding helps you to uncover those blockages and remove them through banishment, shield, cleansing, or any other appropriate method. All of the necessary tools for removal are bound to this orb & when activating this binding it will help you remove those blockages through the powers bound to this orb. 

The self-discovery aspect of this binding is to help you identify the different aspects of yourself through which you are blocking your own path; be it self-doubt, worry, confusion, second-guessing, fear, or other responsive energies. Sometimes these responses are necessary & genuinely needed, this binding ONLY deals with the unnecessary & unwarranted fears, doubts, & blockages that can develop. By removing the unnecessary blocks we can see things for what they truly are and have a sincere & genuine experience. 

Working on the plagues of your path will help you to grow & evolve more quickly & to heights not possible when blocked. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Identification, opening, & closing of Portals
Some portals occur spontaneously & naturally. They open & close on their own and generally do not disturb us outside of slight energy changes. Sometimes spontaneous, natural portals can be more invasive energy shifts, while there isn't any spirits or magic coming from them they can bring massive changes in energy around us affecting us in ways we may not see. Natural portals open & close on their own and typically only last a few days. One aspect of this binding allows you to discover if there are any natural portals in your area at any time and if there are you can connect with or explore those portals while they last to see where they lead. Because portals can be white, neutral, or dark you will receive 3 different code words for seeking & identifying these 3 types of portals. 

Another aspect of this binding allows you to open & close your own portals on the astral & spiritual planes. You will receive the code words for activating white, neutral, or dark portals (all portals are completely protected which means nothing can come through, only you can go out). This way you have the option of what kind of portals you want to work with. 

The last aspect of this binding is to identify any portals opened by someone else in your area. Sometimes this occurs unintentionally by someone who is inexperienced playing with portal invocations or magick that opens portals. Sometimes this is done intentionally by those wanting to work with intrusive magic. This part of the binding will help you identify if there are any "spy" portals in your area & to close the immediately. 

Code words for activation of this included in paperwork. 

This is an effectiveness & efficiency binding that provides a multi-faceted look at the spirits and/or magick in your care & how the complementary powers, skills, & abilities can work together to form a more effective & powerful union. As in our "Why are you Spirit Keeping" thread, the complementary union of spirits & magick can be a powerful force. If a spirit in your care can benefit or work with the magick in your care you can derive some interesting & powerful results. The same with pairing spirits or having a group of spirits whose powers complement one another to achieve a great goal or effort. This binding helps you to find the opportunities for fusion between spirits or spirit & magic. It is an often overlooked aspect of Spirit Keeping & the paranormal which can yield very powerful results. 

This provides you intuitive thoughts/emotions/instincts and intrinsic knowledge to help you evaluate being a more effective & productive Keeper which benefits you & your spirits. 

Code word for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Spirit Interaction, Communication, & Path
This is a multi-faceted binding that deals with different aspects of Spirit Keeping. You can activate the aspects of this binding individually or wholly. The first being the receipt of messages from spirits. This binding allows you to have direct attention to messages being given by your spirits for you. It helps you to recognize what is truly a message from your spirits through any form of contact you wish to initiate be it telepathy, pendulum, scrying orb, automatic writing, tarot, etc. It provides a channel that is directly between the spirits in your care & yourself only; blocking any interference from outside sources. 

To identify the opportunities for you to work with spirits in your care to receive & work with powers they are capable of bestowing upon you and/or channeling to you; for example, the massive powers of the Bronwyn Angel provide multiple opportunities for a Keeper to apply to their own lives & to work with in their own ways (meditation, spellcasting, etc) to improve their lives & situations. This will help you to identify with the skills, powers, & abilities that reside within the spirits in your care & to work with them to apply their assistance & support to improve many aspects of your life. The binding allows you to work with them on a deeper & more connected level that creates a strong environment of discovery & appreciation of yourself & the spirits around you! 

This binding also allows you to openly communicate with your spirits regarding the Bridging, or lack thereof, you've established with the different spirits in your care. If your spirits are Bridged to you then you may want to make choices about having those spirits accompany your entire lifetime presently, into other lives you may live (as you may live multiple lives at once this would be the life most benefited by the presence of the spirit), or to accompany your loved ones after you pass, or to become an ancestral bloodline spirit and be companion to future generations of your bloodline. You will receive all necessary code words for activating these possibilities of Bridging for each or any of the spirits you have or may have in the future. 

Code words for activation of this included in paperwork. 

Binding of Spirits & Magick
This binding also allows you to bind spirits and/or magick for yourself. It creates a permanent binding of the spirits or magick that will be at a class 4 or class 5 level. The binding is intended for use ONLY for yourself as these orbs are customized to each person and we can only guarantee that the spirit or magick will be effectively bound if done so by the person who owns the orb & for the person who owns the orb. 

You can bind a spirit that you summon or conjure, or you can bind an unbound spirit who wishes to stay with you. You MUST have the spirit's permission to bind or the binding will not work. Permission is absolutely key in creating a binding, without it there is no binding. 

In binding magick you will recite the spell while using the orb & the spell or magick will be permanently bound to the object of your choice. 

You can use this orb to bind to your spirit or a physical object. Instructions for binding are included as well as all necessary code words. 

Every, single one of the bindings on this orb has a code word to amplify the powers of that enhancement and those code words are included in the literature you will receive with the orb. Naturally all of these bindings can work independently, in groups or in all to provide you whatever you need at the time.

It is an incredibly intuitive, powerful object that is customized for each person. For this reason please include DOB in the notes section and if this is a gift for someone please note that in the Notes section with that person's name & DOB.

We recommed you Bridge this item to you because it will have the freedom to work for you no matter where you are. If you do not Bridge it simply means you will need to be in the presence of the orb or only up to 1,000 miles away before it stops working or loses effectiveness. Bridging means it works for you no matter where you are.

We are giving you the option of having it in class 5, class 5 tier 2 or class 5 tier 3. Class 5 is as described below and the tier 2 and tier 3 mean an increase in power above and beyond the standard class 5 respectively.

We've put a lot of thought, time & consideration into this binding... it is proudly another CH Exclusive & Original!


This binding comes with easy-to-follow instructions for usage. You will receive these instructions via download at time of purchase via link in your email.


Make the selection of Class Binding desired.

You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings


You will receive a gemstone orb.

Arts: Available in White Arts, Dark Arts, or Neutral Arts

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  • Nov 9, 2021, 12:00
    I do love this dynamic discovery orb.
    I use it daily. All the bindings are needed in My progressive development to improve my skills.
  • Sep 13, 2018, 12:00
    I have had it for a couple of weeks & I love it. I could feel my hands tingle when I opened it from the package. I haven’t fully explored all the possibilities but it’s been an amazing boost.
  • Jun 29, 2015, 08:00
    This one is amazing! It's a must have for any collector...very powerful!
  • Jun 22, 2015, 21:05
    I've had this piece for a while, but I've mostly worked with the journeying. I've had a lot of interesting experiences with this! For me personally, it works best while meditating, but occasionally I'll have some really cool experiences while sleeping too! This is one I keep on my nightstand so it's always within reach! I haven't worked with the other functions enough to review them, but I look forward to discovering all this orb can do!
  • Jun 22, 2015, 11:25
    This orb is one of the pieces I've used the most. I was very excited to get it and I wasn't disappointed at all. I have used almost all its functions multiple times and I have to say they all work extremely well. I highly recommend it.

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