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Elemental Magic Jewelry

The Elements are the 4 forces within the Earthen Realm; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Working with Elemental magic teaches us about the balance between these eternal forces and ourselves; opening our eyes to the natural & divine force of nature. As you work with Elemental magic and spells you learn more about yourself and how you share incredible connections to the Earth. Elemental magic can provide rewarding experiences in enlightenment, evolution, and organic paths of power.
Elemental Control Spell - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water
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These bindings are very powerful & influential bindings that provide intense connection & influence over the Elements; Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. They are controlling forces that provide you the ability to utilize the powers of the individual Elements to contribute to the powers of magick, spells, energies, and spirits

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Fire & Ice Balance of the Elements Enchantment
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An exclusive binding for working with the Elemental powers of Water & Fire in a harmonious union for life, power, and creation.  This binding allows you to explore your Elemental gifts and help you work with the harmony the Elements can bring you.  Working with this spell helps you identify the unique powers each of the Elements provides, while also strengthening the balance & harmony within your life.  This spell is about awakening your awareness and empowerment with harmony, life, balance, and the power that comes from creation.  It will give you the power to use the Elemental gifts to create energy around you for up to 1 hour at a time when the binding is first activated and then you recite “Energy become upon me”.

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Oceanic Power Of Energy & Balance
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This beautiful vessel brings you a deep and thriving connection to the power of the Ocean. The Ocean is a raw and inviting power which beckons those who understand her swirl of wisdom and passion. You can feel the ebb and flow of her tides, the reaches of her depths, and the teeming life which thrives within her. It is great for working with Oceanic power, rituals, spells, spirits, and working with the raw energy which comes from the Ocean's bosom. You can fill the vessel with powders, salts and other offerings which can be used with your oceanic spirits.

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Spell for Whispering Winds & Water Visions
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A binding which brings the voices of spirits through the wind. You will hear the voices of all spirits around you carried through the wind and bringing you messages of all kinds. You will hear their voices and hear messages of simple things they want to say, messages they want to relay to the living, messages they have for anyone who will listen, etc. It's a great binding when activated because you can feel the power of the Earthen energy of the wind, and the power of the Spiritual Realm.  A binding which reveals visions to you through the water. You will place the vessel in water and activate the binding, the water then becomes a medium through which visions and messages are passed to you from the Spiritual Realm. You can have visions from spirits in the Spiritual Realm, you can talk to ancestors, and you can talk to spirits who have connections to you from past lives and your bloodline. It's a wonderful method you can use by pouring water into any vessel and using the amulet to activate the Channel.

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