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Endera & Miles Azoth Estate - Devotion to Power - Ceremony

Endera & Miles Azoth Estate - Devotion to Power - Ceremony
Azoth Estate - Ceremony
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Endera & Miles Azoth were practitioners married through their work, their love of magic, their pursuits of the paranormal, and time spent together through their lives, but never actually married on paper.  They spent more than 40 years together, joined in their shared passions, and they really left no stone unturned when it came to pursuing the supernatural.  They had no children that kept them anchored to any particular time & space, and spent as much time as they could traveling and exploring when they were not obligated by life's normal responsibilities.

They shared a powerful love of all things supernatural, and they felt a divine connection to the origins of magic; often discovering past life connections between them where they shared lives also focused on magic.  They traveled the world, they pursued many different paths of magic when it suited them, they learned & practiced multiple religions, and they really enjoyed life to an extent that most people never have the chance to experience. 

Their magnificent devotion to each other and to their love of the paranormal, brought about a formidable estate that celebrated many time periods, cultures, religions, and practices of magic & the supernatural.  Walking through their estate artifacts was like taking a trip into a museum of the supernatural where everything was preserved in a home that acted like a time capsule.  Their artifacts were either bought, or created, by Endera & Miles because of their passion and their desire to experience magic above & beyond what most people discover.  They were willing to go to the ends of the Earth, dig through other practitioner's estates, practice under other practitioners, and wholly devote themselves to practices of magic that makes them the subject of the admiration, adoration, and appreciation of others.

We are so very proud to be able to offer artifacts from their lives, as their estate is one that acts as a pillar to all of us who immerse ourselves in the magic & history of the supernatural.


There is something renewing and refreshing about working with ceremonial magic, it is something that reminds us there is a rhyme and reason to the ways of the Arts and offers you connection to mystic properties of many forms of magic.  These magic amulets were created by Endera & Miles for conducting magical connections through ceremonial power.  They represents 4 Corners, 4 Elements, and 4 Cornerstones of magic.  The ceremonial ritual casts all 4 facets of magic at the same time, and creates a pathway of magical power that allows you to traverse a sense of personal connection and light.

Working with these will bring you a wonderful pathway towards knowledge, evolution, power, and enlightenment with magic.  In utilizing these spells and magic, you will unveil your personal connections to mysticism and higher powers within the Universe.  The ceremonial enchantments which Endera & Miles cast on these vessels are the pathway towards realizing your place within various paths of magic, and how you can use them to further your personal goals and journey.

As you work with these enchantments you will fully materialize your abilities, and you will discover there are much grander gifts that dwell within you.  These are amazing gateways to realizing and working with your abilities and using them to the best of your abilities throughout your Destiny and journey.  You must always begin on a New Moon and work with the vessels each week, on the same day of the week, until the Full Moon begins to wane.

When utilized, the vessels provide you an incredible connection to the various channels of magic:

First chalice

- North Tower magic; the power of industry, ambition, evolution, vision

- Element of Wind; change, adaptation, transformation, enlightenment

- Third Eye, Psychic Gifts, Divine Power

Second Chalice

- South Tower magic; love, compassion, wisdom, honor

- Earth Element; grounding, strength, endurance, timeless

- Kinetics, Mancy, Immortal Magic, Good Luck

Third Chalice

- East Tower magic; courage, confidence, strategy, victory

- Water Element; growth, evolution, rejuvenation, creation

- Cleansing, Mental Magic, 3 Bodies, Dreams

Fourth Chalice

- West Tower magic; freedom, shape-shifting, illusion

- Fire Element; protection, renewal, creativity

- Elemental magic, Charms, Lust & Seduction, Realm magic

To begin, you fill the decanter with distilled water; it must be distilled and not spring or tap water.  Once filled, you hold the decanter in your hands and recite:

Unleash the mystic bond you hold

Imbue with power this offering made

Unto every drop be the total power of your gift

Command the Towers and Elements to be

Then leave the decanter in the New Moon, in a window in your home, for the first 3 days of the New Moon.  On the fourth night, pour water halfway into each of the 4 chalices.  On each cup place your hand on top of the glass, and recite with each:

In magic and essence I command your power

Behold my offering and gift truly inspired

Speak to me and each be held

In esteem and grace, humbly gift me your all

Once recited over each of them, pour the water from the North Chalice over your left hand, pour the water from the South Chalice over your right foot, pour the water from the East Chalice over your right hand, and pour the water from the West Chalice over your left foot.

You will repeat this the same day of the week as you began, each week until the Full Moon comes and then enters the waning phase.

This is an extremely powerful ceremony, and every time you work with this, it will strengthen your magical abilities.  Within the first week of using this ceremonial magic you will feel a stir of power within you, and you will see enhancements in your ability & experiences with magic.

Endera & Miles spent a great deal of time crafting these magical artifacts and they are esteemed in their abilities to strengthen and empower you with all measures of mysticism and magic.  There is a tremendous connection that builds between you and your supernatural gifts and powers.  

This should be repeated at least every 3 months in the first year, and then after that twice a year, and then once a year.  This will increase your magical gifts and supernatural abilities with greater intensity and command at every level.

The attention and passion for detail spent in creating these magic artifacts is second-to-none.  In our experience with these bindings, it produces a magnificent boost to your magical abilities, and gives you a fresh perspective in knowing & commanding magic.

Vessel is antique.


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