Enchanted Spell Stone Cage - Amplifies The Power Of Magic
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These wonderful cages are about 1 1/4" in diameter meaning they can hold a few small stones, a medium stone or a large stone comfortably and each cage is imbued with an enchantment to keep energized and amplify the powers of the spell(s) inside!

Our price: $5.25
Magnet-Binding Vessel© Spells to Permanently Retain Energies Or Spirits
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Magnet-Binding Vessel© - if you want to permanently retain any energies or spirits that came to you through the Magnet-Pad you will use the vessel to bind them (if binding spirits it is imperative you have their permission to do so!).

You can also use the Transmute Bag (if you have one) to re-locate them to another vessel if you do not want to keep them in the Magnet-Binding Vessel.

You can use the Magnet-Binding Vessel© over and over as many times as you wish. Instructions for use are included.

Our price: $75.00
Treasure Box For Casting Gems & Other Small Spirited Or Spelled Objects
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This is a beautiful treasure box that can be used to house your casting gems or other small spirited or spelled amulets!

Our price: $25.00
Universal Connecting Stone© For All Spells & Spirits
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This is for one, Universal Connecting Stone that will work with any spirits or spells of any Arts. You can hold the stone while working with your spirit bindings or spell bindings, put it in the Charging Box with your bound vessels, use it during meditation, or just keep it in your home to help amplify the connection & usage with spirits or spells.

Our price: $50.00