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Entrepreneurial Self-Employed Job Work Spells Bindings

Spells related to being self-employed, owning your own business, running a business, and the entrepreneurial spirit. These enchantments are about having the direction, focus, desire, and power you need to be successful, and these spells will help you. These spells are also for helping you find work, keep work, be a better worker, and have a better career path.
For The Entrepreneurial Spirit Spell for Those Who Want To Explore The World Of Self-Employment
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This binding is focused directly towards those who are, or want to be, an entrepreneur. For those who want to explore the realm of self-employment, this binding is a creative think-tank of ideas for you. This binding stimulates your creative mind as well as your logical mind. You will feel more motivated towards great marketing, creative ideas to shine above your competitors, be more flexible & adaptable to changing trends and ideas, communicate & connect with your audience, and find yourself more logically balance and thoughtful in matters of finance and time-management.

This binding helps to suit and nurture all the needs you will have in being the best possible boss you can be. This means motivating you when you want to take time off, helping you to stay organized and focused for your short-term and long-term goals, and building a solid foundation where you can leap frog into greater success.

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Get A Job Spell to Find The Employment You Need
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This enchantment helps you to find the work you need! Whether it's your dream job, or just a job to get by for now, this spell helps you to find the kind of employment you need. Even after you find a job this spell continues to work to help you find greater opportunities (when & if they exist)! This is a great binding anyone can use.

Our price: $3.75