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Evangeline Hemlock Estate - Power of Blood

Evangeline Hemlock Estate - Power of Blood
Evangeline Estate - Blood Power
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Evangeline Hemlock was a light of true beauty in the world of magick. She was a classic beauty who cared so deeply about what was on the inside and not on the outside which made her even more of a beautiful person. She believed, without hesitation, in the power of magick from a young age. She could see Angels from the time she was a child and she was a natural psychic. She grew up with a passion for magick and wanted to touch the special power of the paranormal for herself. She apprenticed under several practitioners and found her own voice in creating spells and enchantments from previously unknown or forgotten paths of magick. She felt the need to rescue and preserve magic and the pieces from her estate reveal her passion. Her artifacts are each unique and present themselves with a unique energy.

It will not take you long to realize her artifacts are bound with enchantments and ritual bindings that are unlike anything you see from other practitioners. She rescued and preserved forms of magick that haven't been touched or existed in the a few thousand years. She saw the benefit of ancient rituals and spells being cast for purposes in life today and she devoted herself to their ongoing fine-tuning and development. She never gave up on anything and would rework & rework until it was right. Her pieces are so zany, so intriguing, so absolutely off-the-wall fabulous that they have provided both Ash & myself some valuable power and insight into our own journeys. Her artifacts will make you sit back and really think about the dimensional way you think about magick and you'll see the paranormal through the prism of her paranormal achievements.

If you want to shake up your journey, if you want to develop power and supernatural gifts beyond the ordinary, and if you want to really take yourself to the next level you will joyfully emerge from the cocoon of Evangeline's work as a gloriously evolved paranormal butterfly!

Power of Blood

Evangeline was gifted this ring by a fellow practitioner who was into work with the Vampiric Arts in magic.  The ring was part of a blood ritual, in which a binding was created to impart Vampiric power within the owner.  This is a dark binding, derived from ancient practices of the Vampiric culture to imbue the eternal Vampiric gifts upon those who honored the Vampiric path.  As a great lover of rare paths of magic, Evangeline was gifted this artifact to preserve the work that went into its creation.

The ring imparts Vampiric powers such as cunning intuition, command of all senses, strategic & visionary capability, intense lust & passion, drive towards supernatural evolution, conjuring Vampiric magic, and most importantly, connection with the Vampiric memories and hidden histories preserved only through the blood binding.  When worn or held, the ring and its bindings can play intensely within you, making you feel everything to an extreme until you acclimate to the power of the ring.  We don't know how quickly Evangeline acclimated, but Ash acclimated faster than I did.  The magic within the ring is a shroud of power that settles within you and around you. 

You begin to experience clever thoughts and cunning ideas related to your intuitive abilities about people, situations, and the future.  You take command of your senses and you experience everything on a greater level; especially where the supernatural is concerned.  You begin to appreciate how all of your senses (natural & supernatural) play upon your influence in situations & how they reveal to you both slight, and grand, wisdom within your life.

Your mind opens to a more enlightened view of the world and the Universe; you begin to experience visions and ideas that lay strategic support to your personal goals and decisions.  Your mind starts to work out problem and difficulties with sharper tone and edge for victory and success.  It's far easier for you to carve a path through enlightenment with this mystical expansion of self.  You discover you want to evolve, you want to expand your power, and you want to take charge of your Destiny.  There is a clear desire for leadership and becoming someone more influential in life.

In terms of sexuality, charm, passion, and lust, they are all emotions & feelings which will be take to the extreme with this binding.  You feel far more superior in these areas than you ever have before.  You feel more driven towards sexual pleasure, using charm & wit to convince others, a desire to be lusted after and wanted, and a greater influence with allure, mystery, and seduction.  This aspect of the binding is a confidence-builder unlike any other; quite personal, engaging, and specific.

The binding allows you to conjure Vampiric magic, which means when you desire you can conjure magic bound within the ring that can help you with a specific situation.  There is a conduit to the magic performed in the blood ritual which allows you to conjure the magic at any time.  Most notably this helps with protective measures against malicious & evil presences of the supernatural, for working with the immortal & eternal forces, sexuality & charm, restoration & evolution, victory over enemies, using supernatural senses & abilities, utilizing supernatural survival abilities, using psychic gifts & powers, and development of supernatural power.

One of the more interesting and interactive aspects of the blood binding are the recovery of Vampiric memories and lost history.  This can bring about some very intense dreams and visions, some of which you find yourself a part of as though you were there.  This preservation of their memories and history is something that will stay with you throughout your life.  You become privy to a very personal and sacred opportunity that few have ever known since the time of the memories.  The more the ring becomes part of your journey, the more precise and helpful the memories and history that is revealed to you.

The bindings are all intuitive to what is going on within your life, and what you command.  The bindings learn about you and learn to conform to whatever is going on within your life.  In this respect the bindings are clearly helpful and supportive as needed.

You will need to take ownership of the ring and the grand enchantments within.  You will wear or hold the ring on the first New Moon and say:

Teris talanti moro

Exana amer vikra

Sanul fero zawan

(Tare-ess tah-lawn-tee moh-roh

Ex-ah-nah ah-meer vee-krah

San-ool feh-roh zah-wan)

Then on the first Full Moon, you will hold or wear the ring and say:

To me alone shall your gifts bear

Blood shall carry this binding unto me

In bond shall I respect your eteral power

And all which you were given, and shall give for me

After that Full Moon night the bindings are yours and will serve only you.  Their full effect and power will be known upon your command.  The bindings are strongest when the ring is held or worn.  They work for you intuitively & when needed.  They will also work when you command them to your desire.

This is a powerful ring, with a lot of powerful opportunities, as it conforms to you to provide you a Vampiric shroud of power.  You will adopt the Vampiric traits and be able to conjure those powers, or lessen those powers, at your own will; it is an artifact of grand influence.  The bindings certainly bring you as close as possible to Vampiric power without transformation.

Vessel is 14k yellow gold and garnet, size 11.


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