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Eversong Estate - Generations of Magick - Control & Power

Eversong Estate - Generations of Magick - Control & Power
Eversong Estate - Control
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The Eversongs were a family who encompassed generations of magick. They were quasi-scientific-magickal family who immersed themselves in many paths of magick that developed throughout recorded and non-recorded time. Each of the Eversongs within the family pursued their own delights in magick and together the generations amassed quite a surprising cache of magickal treasure. Daisy, Arabella, Helmut, Wynifreed and Reingaud Eversong were the practicing of their bloodline that spanned four generations in modern time, but their legacy in magick they traced through several hundred years.

Each sought their own path in magick and all wanted to immerse themselves as much as possible in the vivid opportunities of magick. They studied history, literature and spared no expense in acquiring texts and tools that allowed them to expand their supernatural power. They let nothing stand in the way of their desire to command various types of magickal power. They were all proficient in all forms of magick and they all studied to master many paths of magickal ability, but each of them had their preferences where they truly shined.

Daisy emerged as a profound commander of magick related to nature, the Elements, and the paths of rejuvenation, cleansing, healing and restoration. She had a gentle touch that lent itself to a blossoming career path in working with these forms of magick. Arabella was a far more ethereal woman with a natural draw towards spirituality, spiritual understandings, miracles, astral power and angelic forms of magick. Helmut really enjoyed the possibility of the marriage between science and magick and explored the usage of both in the paths of kinetics, sexual magick, and the command of many power-related paths. Reingaud had a particularly natural alignment with the arts of divination, working with lunar forms of magick, and adapting magick for wish-granting. Wynifreed was a bubbly woman who always saw the best in others and followed paths of magick related to love, varied forms of magickal practice, and the art of conjuring.

As a family their devotion to the practice and evolution of magick is simply awe-inspiring. Each of the artifacts from their estate is marked with the potency you expect from those who mastered many paths of magick. Their estate was filled from stem-to-stern with oddities that spanned from the era of the late BC all the way to the AD 20th century. For us having the opportunity to explore the Eversong legacy was a fantastic chance we did not want to miss. Anyone who has chosen the path of magick in this life finds themselves wanting to reach a new level, wanting to push themselves to evolve, and seeking brilliance of reaching their full potential.

You will discover, as did we, that working with the Eversong estate means nothing is as expected; you open yourself to a world of magick beyond tradition and pushes the envelope of all that is possible within the world. We have always been pleasantly surprised in how their artifacts impact our lives and without a doubt there is little that can be questioned in terms of the Eversong legacy of power... they simply take your breath away.

Control & Power

Wynifreed created this gorgeous, magical artifact whose sparkling beauty beholds a much more interesting enchantment; the power to gain control through influence and impressions upon people and situations.  This artifact is recommended for someone with experience in working with magic.  It's through Wynifreed's enchantments that you assume control of thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and awareness of people and situations in your life.  You can also use the enchantment to gain control through the 3 Realms; including all spirits, entities, magic, and energy.  This is an incredibly powerful artifact that brings you the chance to create a world and atmosphere that is conducive to your desires, wishes, and designs for a prosperous, happy, and enlightening life.

With the power to assume influence on others, and the situatons that surround you, it's a quick way to learn the patterns of behaviors that those around you exhibit.  You become actutely aware of the patterns of thought, action, desires, and cycles that those around you experience.  You become more in tune with the people around you as you influence their thoughts, personalities, energies, and behaviors.  You uncover a present awareness that allows you to become enlightened to the actions and behaviors of those around you, and allows you to create impression that aligns with your visions.

This enchantment really teaches you about the power of control, the power of the mind, and the confidence that it takes to resign to a more fascinating and essential sense of true power.  You will uncover the influence that dwells within you through the paranormal gifts that you behold.  It's a constant connection of magical empowerment that drives you towards true discovery and happiess at every level.  You will uncover your true abilities and opportunities for self-enlightenment, the power to take control of life around you, and a determination to design the relationships and situations you wish in your personal life, family life, career path, and supernatural journey.

The binding is activated by writing the name of the person/people you wish to influence.  On the front of the paper you should identify them, and on the back of the paper you should identify what you wish to influence.  For example, if you want to influence your boss, "Jane Doe" on one side and "Give me a raise" on the other.  We recommend that you not activate the binding with more than 5 people or situations at a time.  Once you have written the paper and placed it in the artifact, you will then activate it by reciting the following as you place your hands on the glass:

Bend upon the will I wish

Reckon onto that I have desired

Take care only become whole unto me

The object of my unspoken focus

I control that which shall be determined

In the command of my magical feature

Create true the wish made in quick materialization

Once recited, then spend a moment in complete focus of what you have written on the paper.  You should visualize the influence you wish to have on the person/people or situation.  Spend a moment in meditation as you visualize what you wish to happen.

This enchantment can be employed at any time.  This is recommended for someone with experience because Wynifreed was accomplished in her mastery of the Arts when she created it, and when used repeatedly this incrementally builds your ability to influence people & situations.  Through continued work with this you build your own mental, magical abilities and the power to influence simple situations without use of the artifact.

This is powerful and should be appreciated and employed only by someone with experience in magic.

Vessel is vintage.


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