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Faith, Religion, Belief Spells Bindings

Spells and enchantments related to faith, beliefs, and religion within your path. This includes working with different paths of faith at the same time, and developing your belief system or spiritual journey.
Faith-Builder Spell
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For those who feel like they've lost their way, or feel that they need to have more faith in what they believe, and feel they need spiritual endurance & strength, this is a great binding that will provide you strength, wisdom, great sight into yourself, and help you be better connected to the path you need to be on.

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Inner Spirit & Faith Enchantments
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A beautiful binding which drives right to the center of you and finds the core basis for your faith; of all forms. Not just the faith which you expend in religious or spiritual settings, but the faith you have in yourself, the faith you have in what you do, the faith you have in others, and the faith you have which connects you to the possibilities & opportunities of the world. This binding takes your inner spirit, your inner insight, and shapes your spiritual path to incorporate that divine, pure faith in everything that you are & do and extends it to your actions, beliefs, desires, and achievements. You will feel your spirit fly to new levels of recognition, want, and fulfillment as you take charge of your faith.

Our price: $98.75