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Fincastle Estate - Treasure Trove - World's End

Fincastle Estate - Treasure Trove - World's End
14k Diamond Estate Ring
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The Fincastle estate is one close to me because Ash & I have used and continue to use so many of the estate belongings. The estate was too large for any one person, it would consume your entire household. There were four levels in the home and each level had rooms packed stem to stern with incredible objects.

There was one entire room that was nothing but fabrics; fabrics spanning at least 4 decades from the looks of the prints and everything from baby, child, adult, specialty, etc. I have probably over 200 pounds of her fabric and each was labeled with what the intent was. She made pillows, shams, comforters, blankets, curtains, altar cloths, runners, clothing, and everything in between. Then the appropriate spell would be attached; baby blessings, wedding blessings, love, peace, enlightenment, protection, magic, etc. All of her fabrics have been washed and are prepped with a bonding spell that acts like "glue" to hold a spell permanently to the fabric to keep the spell active for as long as the item is used.

There was also a room with more than 200 dolls of which I have about 50. They came from all over the world and they are just incredible with spirits and enchantments alike. And throughout the house there were just seemingly innocuous daily belongings that knocked you to your feet when you handled them and realized what it really was.

Pet & Thomas Fincastle were two ships who originally passed through the night and ended up throwing anchor for nearly 50 years of marriage. Pet (yes, that is her real name not a nickname) and Thomas met, had one of those "I'm going off to the war" flings and ended up meeting again 2 years later to discover that they were kindred spirits in more ways than one. Before the phrase "What's your sign?" became the tacky pickup line it is today Thomas asked Pet just that which of course led them down a road of discussion that left them both in realization they'd met someone with the same ideals, beliefs, and rare outlooks that shied them both from revealing their true selves to others for so long.

Needless to say they married and started what became a life-long career of providing casting, counseling, readings and other work for those in need. With each passing year they grew more into their roles and their powers and ability to manipulate magick unparalleled by any other local team at the time. By the end they were counterpart to masters who had practiced their feats and skill for decades.

Walking through their home was like being in a secret museum of untold amazing stories and the entire experience was breathtaking, each room filled with more and more rarities and oddities. You just couldn't wait to get to the next room to see what was there. It was incredible in every sense of the word.

So we will be listing some of the treasures from the amazing Fincastle estate as we find them and decide to part with them.

World's End

This is one of the lock & key pieces that we spent a great deal of time considering whether or not to post.  It has brought us considerable power and development in our own paths for many years now and therefore it will serve you for years to come.  It's always difficult parting with pieces like this because of the power associated with them, but it's also a thing of beauty to know it's going to someone who will love and cherish it as much as we have.  The ring was an heirloom piece coming to Pet as it was a master's ring named Celia who practiced through the very tail end of the 19th century and into the middle of the 20th century.  Celia was a trained practitioner who spent more than 10 years in apprenticeship before entering a decades-long practice of her own.  Pet came to know Celia towards the end of Celia's life and this ring was Celia's casting ring and an embodiment of work like Pet's personal ring was.  There is a supernatural weight to this ring that surrounds you with its power and you feel grounded to magick.

Celia called this piece "World's End" because she felt it was the bridge of power between this world and the next worlds.  Celia had started her career in magick with general practice but over time she became mystified by the paths related to Kinetics and Immortality; as these were both burgeoning paths to late Victorians and therefore carried well into the early 20th century.  Celia believed the key to immortal power was in magick and the blending of ideologies and power between various magickal and spiritual paths would unlock a part of yourself that could obtain immortal status.  Much of her later works revolved around Kinetic power and engaging immortals themselves and immortal forms of magick; which are all highly reflected in this ring.

The center piece binding of this ring is Celia's spell she called "World's End" which was a powerful blend of a binding of Omnikinesis, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Immortal Awakening.  If you are someone who is working with kinetics, interacts & works with immortals, works with immortal magick, these are all bindings you will find present in Celia's ring.  Celia studied ancient texts and history to uncover the paths and methodologies already developed by the ancient peoples of history and then took all that had been learned and developed since that time to create the perfect binding.

She worked with an ancient race of Immortal beings she described as "angelic" and "mystical".  They were a great source of wisdom and knowledge for her in her magickal path and she credited them with her advancements in work with immortal power.  The full details of this ancient race will only be given to you in accordance with the wishes of Celia.  Through her work with them she had a grand advancement of her understanding of immortality, immortal power, and immortal development.  The ring is a portal to communicate and interact with this ancient race.

Celia also furthered her knowledge and standing in scientific paths of magick which encompassed Kinetics.  As a burgeoning study of magick in Celia's prime she was eager to dive into what benefits and powers work with Kinetics could yield.  There is a tremendous platform of Kinetic energy in this ring which is evident when you wear it and you engage in any Kinetic activity.  You have your mind, body, spirit & 3 bodies surge to life with ideas, thoughts, and creative possibilities for developing your own Kinetic powers.

Pet was enthralled with Celia's work.  She was wholly invested in studying Celia's body of work and learning what she could from Celia's lifetime of devotion to the craft.  She wanted to understand Celia's discoveries and wanted to explore everything Celia was able to achieve in her lifetime.  Pet was as curious and driven to obtain new levels of power and new levels of awareness just as Celia was, just as we are, just as you are.  

Celia's ring can only be locked and unlocked through specific phrases which will only be given to you.  Celia was protective of her work, it took her a lifetime to amass her knowledge & power and she wants it preserved and passed on in the same respect.  

The ring itself is a gateway for you into an entire lifetime of Celia's work.  It is a portal to communicating with ancient Immortals whose information will only be given to you.  It is a source of wisdom and power that will accompany you and guide you when it comes to learning and developing your own Kinetic and immortal-related powers.  The ring is a source of power which stimulates what you have already achieved and then progressively & incrementally continues to provide ongoing power to every Kinetic & immortal path you pursue.  Celia achieved tremendous levels of skill in these regards and you will also achieve far greater standing with the help of Celia's body of work.

In Pet's work with the ring she was able to further her ambitions and achieve far more than she originally thought... in our work with the ring both Ash & I have been able to obtain valuable and vital information in our paths of development and empowerment, and you will discover limitless ways this ring aids, supports, and complements your powers.  The information the ancient race of Immortals provides alone is mind-blowing, but to have the body of work Celia achieved with magick is just the mystical icing on the cake.

If you want to further your Kinetic powers, if you want to develop new Kinetic powers, if you want to explore Immortals & immortal paths of power, if you want to open yourself to evolution and development through the gifts and powers of a master, you have the power of Celia, Pet and our work with this ring behind you... 4 generations of masters at your fingertips.

The ring is a size 4 1/2, from the 1940s-1950s, with a center, mine cut diamond of 1.10 carats and 2 carats of surrounding stones in various cuts.

If you live outside of the United State please contact us before purchasing this binding.

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