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Five Of The Essential Rituals For Practicing Chakra Magick

Five Of The Essential Rituals For Practicing Chakra Magick
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These are magickal rituals not published in any other public book or venue. These rituals originated in private collection and this is the first time they are being offered publicly. You will receive a book which contains 5 essential rituals related to practicing Chakra magick. You will also receive a binding which contains the powers of all 5 rituals to help boost your ability & power. The Essentials are; Aligning the Chakras, Using Chakras in Magick, Power of Chakra Health, Channeling Your Chakras, and a special ritual known only for those who receive.

The ability to learn and act with great power in magick opens entirely new doors for you when it comes to the paranormal. The more familiar you are with the supernatural gifts and magick of the Realms the more you grow and seize power for yourself.

You will also receive a binding that acts like an amplifier for you in working with these rituals. As you work with them the binding provide a precious connection between you and the magick as you perform the rituals. This greatly enhances the impact and development of your magickal abilities.

The rituals are easy to perform and you are capable of doing amazing things with these rituals in your life. The powers of the rituals unveil your potential and help you to create a mastery of magick which can be gathered and applied at any time.

You will receive the book and binding in your package.

There are no further discounts because the rituals provided in this book come from previously unpublished grimoires and books.

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